It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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10 Tips for Surviving Our Stay-At-Home Time

young-boy-sticking-his-drawing-on-home-window-during-the-covid19-picture-id1214595977 10 Tips for Surviving Our Stay-At-Home Time

I recently hosted a Facebook Live session filled with tips on how to cope with the anxiety you’re going through right now with the coronavirus and having to stay at home.

I wanted to check in this week and see how you were all doing. Plus, I thought I’d put my 10 Tips in this blog so you can have them handy. I hope they help to make your time at home a little easier and a little less stressful.

Here they are—10 Tips to Survive Staying at Home:

  • Ask yourself what is triggering your anxiety or fear. Then own it, forgive it and move forward.
  • Know what you’re in control of and what you’re not in control of.
  • Breathe! When you can’t stop your mind chatter, step back and just take a few deep breaths. This will bring you back in your body and slow your mind.
  • Think Up! This is a good time to connect with your soul and your Source and help ward off negative thoughts.
  • Ask yourself what you’re passionate about—and do it now!
  • Learn something new. If you ordered a course or workshop and never opened it, now’s the time to begin.
  • Make a goal list. List all the things you’d like to accomplish during this time you’re spending at home.
  • Be thankful. Gratitude is very important right now. Embrace all the support and love that people around the world are sending us through their messages online.
  • Watch your boundaries. Don’t give in to the gloom and doom. Stay away from the news. Find a community that will support you.
  • Stay connected to your soul, your Source, your Higher Power. When we’re connected, we’re protected.

People have asked me if I received any advice about the coronavirus from the Spirit World. When is it going to end? Why is it happening? All I can tell you is the one message that keeps coming through. And that’s what prompted number 10 on my list of tips. They kept telling me: Stay connected to us. When we’re connected, we’re protected.

JOHN'S MESSAGE                                            

I’m just like you. This pandemic scared the heck out of me. But now the numbness has subsided, I’m ready to move forward. I hope you are in that place, too. I have hope. Little by little, things are going to get better.

If you haven’t seen my Facebook Live video or you’d like to watch it again, you can click here. You’ll also learn about the spiritual teachers who have helped me so much, and maybe they can help you, too. Remember, you have a spiritual tribe. We’re all in this together. We’re going to get through this.

If you'd like to share your personal story about how you're dealing with this strange time, or if you have any great tips to add, please share it with me and my Facebook community.

Equally, if you want to share this newsletter with anyone you think might might appreciate reading this, feel free to share this Soul Inspirations or recommend they join our community.

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