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10 Ways to Converse with Your Pet

pet_communication 10 Ways to Converse with Your Pet

If you’re a dog or a cat owner, you already have a strong spiritual bond with your pet. But is it really possible to have a two-way communication with them?

Animals are masters at telepathic communication. I hadn’t really appreciated just how much they psychically reveal their thoughts, feelings, emotions and health issues until I met with an animal communicator.

A few years back, I had a session with New England animal communicator Danielle MacKinnon and I was astonished at how much I learned. I was even able to ask Koda some questions through Danielle.

Here are some of Danielle’s tips to help you communicate with your pet:

  1. If you want to talk with your pet, always ask for permission first. Remember to thank your pet after the session.
  2. Keep your questions short and simple: “What’s bothering you?” “Do you like this?” Be as clear and concise as you can be.
  3. Animals like to think in pictures. If you’re going out for a while, imagine sending a picture of a clock to your pet with the time you’re expecting to return. If you’re going away for a few days, imagine how many sunsets you’ll be away for.
  4. Use your own body as a guide to connect with the body of your animal.  Ask your pet if it’s feeling all right, or if it’s experiencing any discomfort, then see if you’re feeling drawn to a certain area in your own body.
  5. When animals communicate psychically through words, they often speak only one word or in very short sentences. If you’re looking to “hear” your pet psychically, you may only receive “belly,” “ear,” or even “love walks.”
  6. Animals also communicate in feelings. If you walk into a room and you’re feeling sad for no reason, it could be your pet sending you that thought. Stop and acknowledge them, and see if you can feel where they’re coming from.
  7. It’s hard to be psychic when you’re emotionally involved. Get yourself back to a state of being clear and balanced, then try again.
  8. When you’re talking about your pet to someone else, whether it’s in the same room with your animal or miles away, always talk in a positive way. Since we’re all connected, they’re quite likely to tune in to your thoughts, whether the ones you think to yourself or the ones you share with others.
  9. Be aware of your energy and moods. Animals are like one big psychic antenna. If you come home feeling stressed, your pet will pick those emotions up and act on what you’re sending out. Remain calm and relaxed when you’re with your animal. You’ll get the same reaction back.
  10. One last important tip Danielle gave me. Many animals tell her they enjoy being animals and don’t want to be treated as humans. Please respect their wishes and let them enjoy being an animal.

John's Message                                                                           

f you already have a pet, or you’re thinking of getting one, then you might want to consider taking a class, whether online or in person, with an Animal Communicator like Danielle. You never know, you might be better at it than you think, and it can only establish a stronger bond between you and your pet.

If you've got any heartfelt stories about your pet, then do post them on my Facebook page!

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