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3 Most Asked Questions about the Afterlife

stairway 3 Most Asked Questions about the Afterlife

I’d like to answer some of your questions about my work and the Other-Side. I hope these answers will offer you some comfort and clarity.

1.  Is my loved one on the Other-Side always connected to me?
Your family and friends in this world aren’t around you 24-7. But when there’s an emergency, they’re there when you need them. It’s the same way with your loved ones on the Other-Side. They know what’s going on in your life and try to let you know they are there for you, whether it’s for love, guidance, hope, or inspiration.

It takes a lot of energy for those who have passed to lower their vibration and make a connection to you. So it’s not something they’re going to be doing all the time. Your loved ones have their own learning to do over there and need time to grow and progress. That’s why those who have recently passed often need time before they’re ready to connect with you.

2.  What do our loved ones do on the Other-Side?
From the thousands of messages I’ve delivered throughout my career, some loved ones don’t really say what they’re doing, while others have no problem telling me exactly what’s going on with them on the Other-Side and how they spend their time. Basically, they can do whatever they wish.

Most choose to enjoy what they did here in their earthly life. I once had an elderly woman come through who wanted to tell her granddaughters that she was still gardening. I remember the look of sheer delight as they told me she was a fantastic gardener and that working with the earth was her pride and joy. In another reading, this guy came through to tell me he was fishing, and in another message a group of young children who’d passed told me that they were still in some type of school. Some of your loved ones may also help others who have recently passed to adjust to being on the Other-Side. What I’ve noticed most is that what they were passionate about here seems to continue by choice in the Spirit World.

3.  If I had a fight with my loved ones, and they passed away before I had the chance to clear the air and tell them I love them, are they still angry with me?
Many people have had this happen to them where they might have been fighting with someone and said hurtful things to the person before they passed or they said hurtful things to you. These spirits always come through with forgiveness and ask for forgiveness themselves.

Believe me when I say that they know just by your thoughts that you love them. It’s as though they have a higher view of things once they pass over. Have no fear that your loved ones love you, and they’ve let go of any resentment or anger. Love is eternal and the love you have for them as well as the love they have for you is equally eternal. That is what they take with them.

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