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3 Simple Ways To Incorporate Meditation In A Hectic Work Environment


During my 35+ year professional career, I have worked in both large and small office settings, at home and on-the-road as a frequent business traveler. I’ve been fortunate that during this time I have also been an active meditator, and have seen firsthand how meditation can be employed during our workday to ease the stress and strain of our jobs, provide clarity and perspective, and altogether make our workplace safer and more comfortable.

As things begin to transition back to normalcy post-COVID, many of us will re-enter our more traditional workplace settings. This could mean anything from being back in crowded offices, to re-engaging in business travel, or even finding ourselves at business lunches, conferences, and work-related social events.

While some will embrace the renewed connection with co-workers, along with the opportunity for face-to-face communication, collaboration, and engagement, others might find themselves re-experiencing common stress-related ailments that result from such interactions. This may even be compounded by lingering fears around COVID– and potentially exposing ourselves to risks of (re)infection. This could lead to even greater anxiety, which could then have noticeable physical, emotional and spiritual effects on our life.

Fortunately, many of the tried-and-true methods for overcoming stress and anxiety that we have utilized in the safe confines of our homes during the pandemic can also be leveraged at our places of employment to help us remain calm, peaceful, and focused. Perhaps the most effective of these is meditation.

Over the past few decades, a ton of scientific research has been published around how meditation is a proven technique for achieving peace and serenity in our lives—helping us let go of anger and frustration, embrace harmony, and gain perspective around what’s truly important. Meditation has been shown to have quantifiable emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits.

So, how can we incorporate meditation in our hectic work schedule? Let me offer three well-known techniques…

Meditation Power Breaks

Even finding 3-5 minutes to sit silently, center ourselves, and focus within, will recharge our spiritual batteries. Closing your office door, finding a quiet conference room, even sitting in the restroom, can allow us to tune out from our problems and tune into the peace that lies within us. This can create a reset in our attitude and emotions, allowing us to return to work with greater focus, patience, empathy, and love.

A Calming Word

During meditation, we can use a calming word or phrase to help occupy our mind so that we can focus within with full concentration. However, this calming word can also be utilized throughout the day – something that keeps our mind occupied and prevents us from thinking of things that trouble us. While it may not be an appropriate technique to use while in a meeting or working on a task, it is something that can be utilized while walking, climbing the stairs, heading out to lunch, riding the bus or train, or even as a means to “catch our breath” during a meeting if things start turning stressful.

Combat the Stress of Travel

As someone who has traveled for business for the past 30 years, I’ve found that meditation is an antidote to the stress, fatigue, and frustrations that we experience from the rigors of travel. Whether it be the early morning flights, the crowded airports and planes, the potentials for delay, the anxiety of finding our way around a new city or country, or the unfamiliar surroundings of a new bedroom each night, meditation brings a sense of familiarity as we enter into our own inner chamber and re-visit the light and love that is always available to us. In particular, hotel rooms are a great place to put in extended periods of meditation – as it’s one of the few times we are truly alone – and not distracted by family, friends, or other obstacles.

I practice SOS meditation, but whatever meditation practice works for you, make it a regular part of your life. As we all begin to think about what the new normal will look like with the emergence of the post-pandemic world, and as we begin to re-enter our workplaces, we can use meditation as a means to counteract the effects of stress and anxiety and confidently resume our normal activities with greater focus, clarity, and peace.

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