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4 Ways To Be Good To Yourself

Begoodtoyourself 4 Ways To Be Good To Yourself

Self-care and self-love are necessary parts of a happy, healthy, and balanced life. So often, we find ourselves taking care of everyone else, attending to their needs while ignoring our own. Whether it is a matter of time and energy constraints, self-esteem issues, or deep-seated feelings about our worth in the world, being good to yourself is something that we all deserve and are worthy of.

Summertime gives us myriad opportunities for self-care. The sun simply feels divine. Summertime treats such as a simple popsicle can offer a much-needed boost in mood. And the opportunity to be around friends, neighbors, and loved ones outside at a campfire or an outdoor party breathe new life into our daily existence.

Here are 4 excellent ways to truly be good to yourself:

    1. Give Yourself Permission – Doing things for yourself is just as valid as doing things for others. You matter, and you are important, so give yourself permission to treat yourself well on a regular basis. You don’t need to seek this permission from anyone but yourself!
      1. What Makes You Happy?– If you value a hot, candlelit bath with a glass of wine, do that. If you value a quiet hour in a hammock reading a book, do that. If you value making time once a week to go out to dinner with friends, do that. Make a list of what you find renewing, and make yourself a priority.
      2. Schedule It -You are a priority. Make time in your daily or weekly schedule for much-needed “me” time, and let everyone know that this time belongs to you. Don’t feel guilty for doing this – you will come back from your scheduled time refreshed and ready to support others the best way you can.
      3. Embrace the Learning Curve – It isn’t uncommon to have spent a lifetime supporting and caring for others, without thinking about your own needs and comfort. The unfamiliar can be frightening, and you might be in very unfamiliar territory when it comes to being good to yourself. Be kind to yourself as you’re learning to care for yourself properly. Imagine that you are a child or friend that you’ve been tasked with taking care of…and give yourself the love and attention that you’d give them. This is a significant mindset change that will take time to embrace. Don’t give up! Remember that you are enough!

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