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4 Ways To Live In Enlightenment

buddha-wisdom-and-piece-picture-id922603648 4 Ways To Live In Enlightenment

Enlightenment isn’t something you achieve or master. Enlightenment doesn’t signify an end point at all! In fact, living in a state of enlightenment is an ongoing process, and an ongoing practice. When you learn to live in an enlightened state, you are relying on your own knowledge and experience to garner the direction you take in life. You don’t rely on others to tell you your direction. You have confidence that what you choose to do, think, eat, have faith in…are all the right choices and decisions.

Living in enlightenment isn’t difficult, despite what you may have been told or may have learned in the past. Enlightenment feels liberating, free, open, and honest. With all that going for it, when you begin living in enlightenment, positive changes will happen in your life that you don’t expect, so it becomes very easy.

Here are four ways to live in enlightenment:

  1. Forgive – There is no doubt – we have all been deeply hurt by those we love at one time or another in our lives. The immensity of the stress you carry around while holding on to anger, resentment, and sadness weighs you down at your very core. Forgiveness means letting that go, so that you can move forward unencumbered by that weight, secure in your knowledge that you’ve made the right decision.

  1. When You Eliminate Your Ego– Ego prevents you from living an enlightened life by constantly comparing yourself to others based on society’s view of what is desirable. When you let go of your ego, you live simply for giving and receiving love, for doing what’s right when no one is looking, and for taking the high road in every situation. You trust your intuition that ego simply isn’t necessary in your life, and in fact is a detriment.

  2. Meditate -There is a reason that meditation is tightly linked to enlightenment! When you are in a meditative state, you are concentrating only on yourself…your breath, your body, your awareness and reality. Meditation allows all the external noise – worries, thoughts, feelings, distractions – to fall away, leaving just you and your consciousness. Sitting meditation is the most common and popular form of meditation for enlightenment, but there are lots of ways to achieve a meditative state. Anything that allows you to focus mindfully will be beneficial in learning to live in enlightenment.

  3. Live Simply – When you learn to let go of ego, and eschew society’s expectations, you’ll naturally find that you become less attached to material possessions. Of course, this isn’t to say that you should sell everything and sleep on the floor, but when society isn’t in your ear demanding that you “keep up with the Joneses”, you’ll see that many of the “things” you have lose their value to you. It’s okay and very healthy to let go of anything that doesn’t truly bring you joy. Therefore, one way to live enlightened is to get rid of the clutter – the physical noise around you – and enjoy the clarity of living simply.

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