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5 Holiday Survival Tips For Sensitives

new-years-party-picture-id897335438 5 Holiday Survival Tips For Sensitives

Here we are! The “almost” end of the calendar year, stepping into the last month of 2018 and winding down to regroup again for 2019. This is holiday party- gift-giving- peppermint schnapps snorting- eggnog and cookies snuffling- too much of everything time etc. etc. And, even if you are all gung-ho for the festivities, if you are a highly sensitive person, or an empath this is not the easiest energy for you to manage.

What? You don’t like to be at the mall surrounded by crowds of people grabbing for sale mittens and toaster ovens and that wrong cologne you thought your other half liked? It’s true some people can handle the holiday rush but others- not so much!

If you are like many sensitive people, going shopping amongst a throng of busy frantic people might be emotionally and energetically debilitating. And, because sensitive people have porous boundaries, turning into sponges and soaking up the energy of the world whether you can see it or not could make even going to the grocery store a huge anxiety event. Ever walked out of a store because you got too overwhelmed by all the stuff? I have to say even at the quietest times of the year I still can’t handle the big home specialty store (starts with an “I” and ends with “kea” hint hint) well. I always have to have a nap after the hours of hypnotic Swedish named gadgets turn my brain to mush and because I need to clear off the energy of the shoppers that feel like invisible invaders creeping under my skin with feelings that are unlikely mine own. What on earth? Whose yucky energy did I pick up in the sofa section? OMG, I got lost following the floor arrows.

So there are ways to manage this month so that sensitives can participate in the season without being drained by the greater energy, never mind the energy vampires (people without boundaries, victims that need to glom etc- not actual vampires) that feed off others angst and obvious discomfort at all of it.


1. Get Your Shopping Done Now.
Last minute shopping is for “normal” people who don’t get overwhelmed standing in front of all the cat and puppy toy selections on their way to the TVs.
If you know going into crowds feeds you too many invisible emotional stories (common for empaths) write out a list then go online to find your stuff. Always make a list so you aren’t dissolving into all the possible choices and forget where and who you actually are or that you have a limit on your credit card.

2. Give Yourself Good Boundaries.
Do not go to parties out of obligation and resentment. If you don’t want to go to the early Holiday party at your friends work because she did you a favor earlier in the year? Don’t go and find another way to repay her.

3. Honor Your Feelings of a Timeout.
Always know that each social event has a beginning, a middle, and an end and you can decide what feels comfortable to you.
Empaths, highly sensitive people need energetic swaddling just like a baby in December. Fluid comfortable boundaries that allow you to be present without overstimulating and overwhelming yourself are essential for you to appreciate this wonderful time of year.

4. Accept People As They Are.
Know that you can get triggered by expectations, and especially by family where there may be some festering wounds that have never been addressed. What I found to be the most powerful is to expect people to be exactly as they are, and having no expectation that they should behave differently. Face value is very helpful in this last month.

5. Get Lots of Sleep.
Good restful sleep is important too. This all sounds so boring but ensuring you take extra care of yourself, stay grounded and set boundaries for your social life, as well as activity commitments, will be the difference between a dynamic and fun December or a demolition derby December.

I like the first version!

Just remember if it is the season to be jolly if you take care of you, you’ll really appreciate it so much more.

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