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5 Tips for Caring for a Newborn in the Age of COVID-19

5 Tips for Caring for a Newborn in the Age of COVID-19

Bringing home a baby in the middle of a worldwide pandemic isn't fun nor easy. While this job might be more complex than what you signed up for, you now have the strength of a parent on your side.

The pandemic has changed how parents keep their children healthy. Follow these steps to keep your little one safe during pandemic surges and through other times, whether you’re worried about COVID-19 or a different virus.

1. Take Every Precaution

When you have a newborn, you must take every precaution to ensure they can build their immune system safely. While keeping yourself safe around your baby, you should ensure others follow the same protocols.

You might limit in-person visits and make people follow specific rules when they do visit, like wearing a mask or taking their temperature. Otherwise, you can have friends and family visit over a video call, where they can see your new baby from afar until the day you deem it safe for them to visit.

2. Wash Your Hands Frequently

Germs can be everywhere, especially on high-touch surfaces in your home. You should sanitize these areas whenever you clean your home, but you also need to be aware of what you touch and what you could bring your baby when you pick them up.

Make sure you use running water to wash your hands rather than water sitting in a basin to ensure no contamination. A rinse won't cut it — you want to ensure you're using soap that can pull any germs off your hands and leave them clean. Take as long as you need to wash your hands.

3. Know the Process

If the worst happens and your little one gets COVID-19, you need to know how to prepare. Try to take your child's temperature frequently after exposure and if you notice any discomfort, take them to the hospital. You will take every safeguard you can to keep your newborn out of the hospital, but sometimes it's inevitable and best for their health.

If your child needs treatment for a severe case of COVID-19, you may want to be aware of how the treatment works. In April 2022, the FDA expanded the approval of remdesivir to include most pediatric patients over 28 days of age. Listen to qualified doctors and nurses on how best to support your child until they recover.

4. Wear Masks When You Go Out

Many places have loosened or gotten rid of their mask policies since 2020. Since masks reduce the spread of COVID-19 when around other people, you should always be courteous and wear your mask.

You never know if you might be carrying something that someone else's immune system can't handle and people should extend the same courtesy to you. While a mask can't prevent every virus from entering your home, it can still slow the spread and keep you healthier than if you were to go without.

5. Opt for More Conveniences

One thing you may have to change about your daily life is how you care for your household. Opt for more conveniences if you want to minimize your risk of catching COVID-19 or transmitting it to your child. You may have to pay a little more for a food delivery service or grocery pickup, but it's worth keeping your newborn out of harm's way.

Studies expect meal kit options to grow even more over the next few years, making it a worthwhile investment for your little family — especially while you're busy keeping up with a new baby. You can always order pizza if you don't want to cook one day.

Take Care of Your Little One

Parents make mistakes sometimes. Just as you won't be able to always protect your child as they grow up, you may not fully be able to protect them from catching COVID-19. As long as you take every precaution, you're doing a lot to protect your baby.

Spend this time in quarantine with your child and use it as bonding time. While you may not have the same experience most new parents do, you can still make the most of every minute you're safe at home with your newborn.

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