It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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5 Tips For Making Better Choices in 2019

tipsfor2019 5 Tips For Making Better Choices in 2019

Throughout your life, every choice and decision you made has brought you to this very point at this precise moment in time. I do believe that some events in one’s life can be attributed to fate, whereas others are just meant to happen. But, you have free will and it's your choice at that moment to determine what you do, the direction you take, and how to respond to the outcome of that decision.

Your Soul Journey

As a soul, you’re an accumulation of all your experiences that are happening now, as well as those that happened in the past. It’s the choices that you make as a result of those experiences, that determines the choices you make for the rest of your life.

There are many different roads that you may decide to take on your soul’s journey. When your soul incarnates here in the physical world, its predestined journey will take you from point A to point B. It’s your choice and your free will as to which route you take and how fast you want to get there. You may take the fast route, direct from A to B, or you may meander through different side roads, experiencing all that life has to offer, as you take your time in getting to your soul’s ultimate destination. It's totally your choice!

Sometimes, it’s good to let go of the river’s edge and let the flow of life take you to where you're supposed to be. It can be quite liberating when you do let go. Suddenly, exciting opportunities and choices appear, but surprisingly, you still feel safe even though you've let go of the outcome. Of course, there are other times when it makes more sense to grab a pair of oars and steer yourself in a certain direction.

Your choice is your own free will —so, either hang on or let go!

5 tips to help you make better choices

Here are 5 tips to help you make better choices in your life:

Tap in to the power of your soul. Next time you make a decision, stop for a moment and ask yourself: “How do I feel about this decision?” “Does it feel positive or negative, and why?” “What does my soul want me to do?” By doing this, you’ll be guided to make better choices.

~ TWO ~
Begin your day in a positive way. 
It’s always your choice as to what kind of day you want to have. Even before your foot touches the floor, try smiling. You don’t need a reason. By just smiling, you’ll begin your day in a positive way. Remember, all thought creates reality, so by starting off your day in this way, you’ll attract more positive vibes and opportunities into your day.

Trust your intuition.
Your intuition can be an excellent resource to help you make important decisions. Imagine two roads in front of you, going in opposite directions with individual signs representing an important decision you need to make. Take your time as you walk down each road and observe all the surroundings. Notice everything. Are the roads rugged or smooth? Is the landscape rich with greenery or is it barren? Use this technique for small decisions at first, as you build your intuition and confidence.

~ FOUR ~
Choose from the heart. 
Try to look beyond what you’re seeing in front of you. Layers of life’s issues may be covering the goodness that’s inside people. Look deeper to feel if they have a kind, pure heart. Look for the good that’s in every person and in every situation.

~ FIVE ~
Make peace with poor choices
. At one time or another, we’ve all made bad choices in our lives. Hopefully, we learn from them, try to not to do them again and move on. By making peace with a bad choice from the past, it will help you adopt a more positive mindset to make better choices in the future. By this simple act, you’re making a commitment to yourself and to your soul to be all that you can be.

Live a Soul-filled life!

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