5 Tips to Avoid Worrying So Much

5 Tips to Avoid Worrying So Much - John Holland

Do you worry too much? Your soul thrives when you’re filled with love, happiness, peace and joy. But during those dark days of doubt and anxiety, you may have trouble connecting with your soul.

How can we stop feeling anxious over the many situations we have no control over? Here are 5 tools to try when your chronic worrying suffocates the power of your soul:

1. Keep Busy!
When you’re busy, you literally don’t have time to worry. People with too much time on their hands will often spend that time worrying, going over a problem or situation and figuring out every possible outcome and scenario. If you’re a born worrier, try to identify the times you catch yourself worrying most. Rather than sit there and fret, try and find something to occupy your time and get busy!

2. Keep a Journal
If you’re prone to worrying, write down your thoughts for a few weeks. Identify those times (and places) when you find yourself worrying most and notice what sets you off. Analyze and examine your worries from every aspect so you can learn more about their origin.

3. Change Your Routine
Find alternative things to do during your critical worry times. Shake things up. Change your routine around. If one of the key times you worry is when you get home from work, use that time to start a new personal project that will occupy and challenge your mind. Is there an online class you’ve always wanted to take or a hobby that’s been on your bucket list? This is the time to sign up!

4. Be Your Own Spiritual Coach
How can you make your life more positive during these stressful times? Surround yourself with positive people. Support yourself with positive affirmations and activities. Eat healthier meals. Get outside in nature. Hug your pet. Exercise. These are all great ways to push worrying aside and strengthen the loving connection with your soul.

5. Meditate
When your worrying has reached beyond your control, it’s time to stop everything, find a quiet place to settle down and breathe. Sometimes, just taking a few minutes to sit and take a few deep breaths will calm you down. Whenever you’re worried, try meditating for five minutes. That’s all the time you really need to reset your mind and restart your peaceful life.

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Remember, using these tools is not about avoiding your worries, but trying to redirect and change your mental programming. When you identify what you’re worrying about and why it’s paralyzing you, you can begin to let it go. By practicing these tools, you’ll be feeding your soul instead of your worry. Then your worry will lose its intensity and start to diminish.

Plus, this whole process has a ripple effect. As your family, friends and coworkers see and feel the change in you, they’ll start emulating your positive actions and integrating them into their own lives. When you feed your soul instead of your worry, everybody wins!

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Live a Soul-filled life!


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