5 Tricks for a Less Spooky, Healthier Halloween

While trick-or-treating is a treasured time for the kiddos, the surge of sugar can often do more harm than good. If you’ve been wondering how to keep the fun while making this Halloween a little healthier, here are 5 tricks to make this special evening a little less spooky!

1)  Purchase healthier alternatives.  Instead of corn syrup and chemical-laden artificial candies, opt for organic options when handing out treats to the kiddos—they’re more nutritious and taste delicious!

2)  Keep the fun going.
 Ask your children if they want to play a game; after trick-or-treating, they can trade in their chemical-based treats for a “sweets credit”. Make a trip to your local health food store and they can pick out healthier treats with their trade-in-credit.

3)  Save sweets for mealtimes. Discourage eating candy on an empty stomach which spikes blood sugar, leading to a crash. Instead, enjoy a little candy after lunch for a more even release of energy and when digestion is strongest.

4)  Settle down well before bed. Trick-or-treating is very exciting, which can lead to difficulty going to sleep. Start the evening early, so that there’s ample time to wind down back at home with a mug of boiled milk or Vata tea before bed.

5)  Enjoy in moderation. As with everything in life, balance is key! It’s important for children to cultivate qualities of being self-referral—set boundaries, but also allow room for children to choose wisely for themselves.


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