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5 Ways How Mindfulness Journaling Will Improve Your Life

5 Ways How Mindfulness Journaling Will Improve Your Life 5 Ways How Mindfulness Journaling Will Improve Your Life

Journaling is a way to reflect on the day and to find out more about yourselves.

It takes your ideas bouncing all over the place and a place to sort and organize how you think.

Some studies show that mindfulness can improve your wellbeing as well as the ability to control your emotions.

Let’s learn together how mindful journaling will improve your life.

1. You Learn More About Yourself

When you first put your thoughts on paper… you are forced to pause about what you want to write.

Then you start to go through the day in your head and you figure out what exactly you want to write about today.

Maybe you want to:

  • Talk about how you felt in the morning
  • The delicious lunch you ate today
  • How you’re grateful for the little things in life…

And we condense all of this information and only highlight the moments we want to share with ourselves.

The beauty of the journal is that we can write whatever we want without restriction.

When you write with complete freedom, you start to become aware of the things you enjoy in your daily life.

And it’s through this daily self-reflection that you start to open up and learn more about yourself.

2. It Helps Clear Your Mind

Everyone has those days where they have so many thoughts flooding into their head.

Your thoughts are all over the place and you just want to have a moment of peace for the day.

The magical part about journaling is that it can give you that peace of mind you’ve always wanted.

It’s when your thoughts are swarming all over the place is when it’s the best time to open your journal and write down every single thought you currently have.

Even if it makes no sense, you want to make sure that you write down every single thought that is constantly bothering you.

And what you will notice is that:

  1. A lot of these thoughts are just the same thought repeating over and over
  2. When you write it down on a piece of paper the thoughts don’t bother you anymore. 

And all it takes is just 10 minutes of writing down your thoughts.

And it’s through a clear mind that we can live a peaceful life in this beautiful world.

3. It Gives You The Opportunity To Plan Out Goals For Your Life

Another aspect we don’t focus on daily is being mindful is the goals we want to achieve in life.

All of us have:

  • Dreams
  • Hopes
  • And desires

That we hope to achieve one day. Yet, many of us don’t focus on our goals every day and rather focus on how busy we are for the day.

Journaling provides a way to stay focused on your goals and you can even make plans on how to achieve them.

By journaling your goals and being mindful of the actions you take every day, you will start to notice if you are taking action for your goals or not.

It also puts things in perspective the things you really can do and if you are truly progressing or not.

4. Handwriting Your Thoughts Solidifies The Important Memories We Make

Being mindful of our memories and having them is what makes us human.

Being able to relive our memories when we:

  • Graduated from college
  • Found our fated partner
  • Or even the day you got a promotion...

Are important memories that we lived through.

But as time goes on our memories start to wither away and we start to forget some of the details of these precious moments.

Handwriting those entries in your journal will help solidify those memories you treasure deeply.

By forcing yourself to recollect the details you want to remember, it makes a deeper impact on your brain to remember those memories making you live a happier life by being grateful for all the happy moments you’ve lived through.

5. Look Back And See The Personal Transformation You Are Going Through

Sometimes we are too caught up in the future or the past that we start to forget about paying attention to the present.

When we are so caught up in our lives, we don’t notice the subtle changes in our transformation

If you look back 30 days from yourself you probably won’t notice the subtle difference you changed.

But journaling every day on your thoughts and feelings can help you notice:

  • How your feelings changed over time
  • And different ideas you thought of before

And it’s seeing this personal transformation with your mind that you start to become more aware of how you are changing yourself.


Mindful journaling is a habit that will improve the quality for the rest of your life.

I talked about how mindful journaling can help you learn more about yourself and plan out the goals you want to achieve in your life.

I also talk about how it’s a great place to dump your thoughts and solidify your important memories.

And finally, I talk about how you will be able to visually see your transformation.

What tip did you find the most helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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Monday, 25 January 2021

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