It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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5 Ways To Heal Your Heart

healingheart 5 Ways To Heal Your Heart

The relationships we have with others – romantic or platonic – are one of the most sacred aspects of our being. In these close, intimate spaces, we are allowed to become a part of someone else’s life, offering them love and affection, advice and caring, nurturing and a listening ear.

But there are times when these relationships dissolve – for myriad reasons – and the heartache that results can be one of the most painful things to endure. Heartache can turn us into people we’d rather not be. To avoid this, I offer you these 5 ways to heal your heart, and return to love.

    1. Self-Reflection – When you find yourself acting from a place of hurt, you may begin to exhibit the very same traits that have signalled the end of your relationship. Take a close and deep look at yourself with the utmost honesty. Are you being judgemental? Are you lashing out in order to hurt others? Are you walling yourself off to prevent intimacy and vulnerability? Knowing these things about yourself gives you the basis to begin changing them, returning you to a place of love and peace.
    2. Focus on Happiness– Healing a deep heartache means that self-care becomes even more important. What makes you happy? Make time for more of that in your life, and don’t wait. Your heart needs happiness right now, and focusing on what makes you happy is instrumental in healing your heart. So do the things that make your heart feel good – create art, take a walk in the woods, go for a leisurely swim, color in a coloring book…give yourself permission to feel happy!
    3. Release Negativity -When heartache is the center of your life, it can be very easy to go negative. Right now is the most important time, though, to keep the focus on the positive. Every time you have a negative thought or feeling, acknowledge it without guilt, and turn it around into something positive. There are positive aspects to just about any situation – so focus on trying to find the silver lining!
    4. Focus on the Here and Now – We’ve all made mistakes in our past relationships. Now isn’t the time to relive those mistakes over and over again. It doesn’t do you any good, and keeps your heart in a state of perpetual pain. You simply can’t go back and redo anything, but you can move forward with love in your heart and resolve to learn from the mistakes you’ve made. Practice mindfulness now more than ever, to keep you solidly in the present.
    5. Forgive Yourself and Others – You’ve made mistakes. You’ve learned valuable lessons from them. Forgiveness helps heal your heartache by allowing you to let go of the ties you have to those mistakes. Forgiving yourself means giving yourself permission to heal and move forward. Forgiving others allows you to release yourself from the guilt and pain they may have caused you. Forgiveness is a powerful soul cleanser.

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