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5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy This Winter

winterjog 5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy This Winter

The fall and winter can be a tough time to be consistent with our health regimens. When you consider the change in weather, back to school season and the holiday season that is fast approaching our health and wellness can easily take a back seat. This article will give you fun and easy tips to stay healthy and live well.

Stay Consistent (But Be Kind To Yourself)

As the weather becomes more chilly, and the wind picks up our motivation to get outside seems to disappear completely. It makes total sense, who want to go for a run when it dark and cold out? However, if you bite the bullet and go, there are huge benefits. Working out outside in cooler weather is actually easier and the risk of dehydration is less too.

Even if you only go for a walk there are a ton of health benefits like burning calories, increasing your body’s blood flow, and can help you reduce stress. If you don’t work out for some time, it’s okay. Start again as many time as you need to. It's easy to make excuses for ourselves so don’t fall into that trap or don’t for too long.

Many of us can stay motivated up until the holidays but once they are over so is that motivation. Write down your goals and keep them where you can see them every day. Having clear goals can really help you stay consistent.

Working out at home is a great way to get your heart pumping without dealing with any inclement weather. There are plenty of great resources to find online. There are listed routines you can follow, and videos to guide you based on your particular goals whether that be strength training, cardio, or yoga. Pinterest and Youtube are great places for fitness resources.

Incorporate Holiday Fun and Health

Health and holidays can go hand and hand. There are so many fun ways to combine the two. Shopping is one of the best ways to get your steps in. Go to a mall or outlet center and shop for your gifts rather than going online to do your holiday shopping. Playing a workout game is another fun way to get your exercise in. Turn on your favorite Christmas movie and try something like this:

  • 1 squat every time someone says “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”

  • 5 Jumping Jacks every time you see a Christmas tree or lights

  • 10 pushups every time you see someone dressed as Santa

This game is sure to get your heart pumping. Walking through a neighborhood to look at the lights or go caroling is a great way to get fresh air and your blood flowing as well. Offering your neighbor help with their outdoor lights is another way to squeeze in some exercise any day.

Safeguard Your Immune System

Illness is one of the risks that cold weather brings. There all things we can do to combat common colds and other winter-related interests. The best thing we can do is move! People who are physical activity have a complex set of benefits including an increase in immune cell activity and blood flow.

With the changes in time and weather, our sleep pattern can be disrupted. It is important to get proper sleep to keep colds away as much as possible. Sleep gives your body time to resent and your cells a chance to regrow.

Spending time with friends is actually great for your immune system. When you spend time with people you are close it can lower stress and having less stress is great for your body in so many ways including a lowered immune system.

Plan and Follow Through

As the old adage says “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” Take time at the beginning of your week to plan your workouts. Choose your routines, and exercises for every day you plan to workout. Also, plan the times for each workout. When you know that you have a scheduled workout you are more likely to stick with it. You can also add some accountability to this schedule by including your friends in your workout routines. This way you can both stay motivated.

Calm The Carb Cravings

It is true, during the summer we tend to eat healthier but that doesn't have to stop with cooler weather. In the fall we start craving warmer, hearty meals and often those meals are calorie-dense. This time of year is also the baking season. We all have much more delicious baked goods and other treats during this time of year.

What is interesting is that sugar and carbs can cause a rise in your body’s serotonin levels. The higher level can leave you feeling like you are happier but it's not actually doing that. What actually happens is those serious levels quickly rise and just as quickly, they take a dive leaving you are more irritable, and feeling hungry faster than you should.

To avoid this start your day eating breakfast full of protein and whole grains that will keep you full and your energy levels consistent all day. Also, before any treat reaches for a healthy snack first This does two things one, you'll feel fuller so you’ll eat less of the high sugar stuff. It's okay to indulge during this time, but don't wreck your goals simply incorporate what you want into a lifestyle that is as healthy as possible.

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