6 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want in your Life

6 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want in your Life - Sunny Dawn Johnston

Of all the 12 Universal laws, the Law of Attraction gets the most attention. This spiritual principle suggests that like attracts like, and that we can raise our vibration and tap into the energy we desire to manifest by being a co-creator.

Below are the six steps to manifesting all you desire by using the Law of Attraction to achieve your goals.

6 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want in your Life

1. Choose one thing that you would like to manifest in your life
a. It doesn’t have to be the biggest thing, just something you want to put your attention/intention on at this time. Example: Career, partner etc.

2. Hand write it across the top of a piece of paper
a. The perfect career opportunity for me is coming to me and these are the qualities of it:
b. The perfect relationship for me is coming to me and these are the qualities of it:

3. Now list 30 – 40 qualities – How you want to feel specifically … only feelings
a. Describe how want to FEEL in the experience. Example: I want to feel like I am appreciated; I want to feel like I am making a difference; I want to feel like I am respected; I want to be able to express my creativity, etc.

4. Make 5 copies of this list
a. Place the copies in the five following places: 1 in between the mattress of your bed, 1 in purse/wallet, 1 in glove box of car, 1 in your office or where you spend the most time, 1 in your sacred space

5. At least twice a day, read the entire list (more if possible)
a. Then at least once a day (everyday) go back to your list and this time feel through the list, in this moment. Example: Go to a time when you remembered feeling that way in your life. Bring the memory up, take a deep breath and breathe in the energy of that experience. Then go to the next one, feeling each and every experience on your list. (It doesn’t matter if the last time you felt appreciated, for example, was when you were 6, what you want to do is bring in the energy of that feeling, to be able to then attract it to yourself)

6. Repeat daily for 30 days minimum and watch your life shift as you attract amazing miracle and gifts into it!!!!!!!

Enjoy – Sunny Dawn Johnston

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