7 Steps To Creating Your 2022 Vision Board!


The New Year is here and it’s a perfect time to create a vision board for your most magical year! But before we dive into the steps you need to create your 2022 vision board, I want you to throw out everything you think you know about vision boards. 

You might think you don’t need any guidance to put some images on a board of things you want, but I want to show you a whole new kind of vision boarding. I want to show you how to make a creation that reflects the sacred vision for your life that aligns with your spirit and the highest good of all. 

This isn’t just regular vision boarding! 

A great vision board can go far beyond just goal setting and planning. It can help you tap into your soul’s deep desires and explore who you are and why you want what you want. 

It can inspire you to create a vision for your life that is far greater than your fears – a life that is spiritually fulfilling and full of true abundance. 

The depiction and idea many of us have of vision boards is one-dimensional and focused on the surface level of our desires. I want to take you much deeper than that in this process. You can still create a vision board that inspires and motivates you to go for the things you want. It can still include images of the material things you desire. But it can also do much more than that… 

Why does a vision board work?

Creating a vision board the way I do it is designed to help us move past the acquisitional mindset. In other words, it isn’t just about the specific things we want to get or accomplish. It’s about the way we want to feel and the experiences we want to have. After all, we want the things we want because of the way we think they will make us feel!

In this process, we’re going to look beyond the surface. 

You can absolutely focus on manifesting abundance and acquiring specific material things, you’ll just also understand why you want those things and how even if they show up in a different form, you can still enjoy them and be thankful for them. 

Your vision board itself will be a blend of your intentions plus the positive images you use to represent the experiences you want. It will include things like symbols, pictures, affirmations, and words that inspire and motivate you. The combination of these elements will help you create a vision board that works with your subconscious mind to help you manifest your desires. 

The 7 Steps to Creating Your Vision Board 

Step 1: Awaken Your Vision 

Before you even begin thinking of things to put on a vision board, you need to come up with an actual vision! Vision is about using our incredible imaginations to see and visualize the things that matter to our hearts and souls. 

Your sacred vision for your life matters! 

When you put it down on paper with images and affirmations, you make it real and claim it as a reality in the now. The board is just a tool we use to boost our confidence and motivate ourselves to do our part in bringing our visions to life. 

Step 2: Find Your Focus

A great vision board has a clear theme and focus. 

If you try to fit in every single thing you’ve ever wanted, chances are you’ll get overwhelmed and you won’t be clear in your intentions. Finding your focus means narrowing down what you most want to send your attention and energy to right now. 

Part of finding your focus is remembering to place your attention on the feeling and not the form. 

Remember, this isn’t just a wishlist of all of the things you want. It’s about the experiences and feelings you want in those areas. If the focus of your board is about your career and calling for example, what is the deeper motive under your desires? Do you want to touch people’s lives with your work? Or earn enough money to give your family a feeling of stability and freedom?

Place your intentions around those deeper desires to create a board that helps you stay motivated and aligned with your dreams and visions. 

Step 3: Clarify Your Intentions

Before putting anything down on your board, you have to get crystal clear in your intentions. These are the seeds of the vision you are making a representation for on your vision board. 

Your intentions and your vision board should come from your heart, not your head. What are the things you really long for on a heart level? How will they benefit the highest good of all? 

As you come up with your intentions, it’s important to remember that you are not in charge of the form. That’s why it’s so essential to know the deeper feeling or experience you want to have. You’re creating a board to align yourself with your highest vision, AND… you’re also keeping in mind life on life’s terms. Spirit may give you something in a form you never expected, but that still fulfills your deeper intention.

Step 4: Claim Your Vision

Claiming your vision requires courage and commitment! 

Simply putting down an intention or affirmation on a board isn’t enough. You have to be inspired and motivated to bring that vision to life. 

When you claim your vision, you do so by believing and embodying the thing you want to create before it’s here in physical form. You have to look for evidence that this thing is true, even if you don’t see it yet. One of my favorite ways to do this is by incorporating affirmations into my vision boards! 

Step 5: Curate and Co-Create Your Vision

Once you’ve done the inner work of setting your intentions and claiming your vision, you’re ready to begin making your vision board. 

You can create a digital vision board or a physical vision board. Either way, each image represents the intention of experience. In other words, even if you’re putting a thing on the board that you want, it’s not the thing you want, it’s the experience you’re going to have when you experience the thing you think you want. 

For example, let’s say you put an image of a beautiful home on your vision board. The image might represent the experience you desire of stability, family, warmth, and groundedness. Chances are, the way you experience those things will end up looking differently than how you originally imagined it. But it won’t matter, because you’ll know that the intention you put behind that image was those experiences you desired. So when you experience those things, no matter what form they show up in, you’ll know you’ve co-created your inspired vision with Spirit. 

Step 6:  Manifest Your Vision for the Highest Good

Any time we set intentions and think about our vision for the future, we have to remember that we are connected to the whole. Everything we do impacts the world around us. A great vision board keeps this reality in mind. The intentions you set, the experiences you want to have, and the images you choose are about more than just you. 

As you take actions to manifest your desires, take the time to consider how your dreams, visions, and intentions impact the highest good of all. 

The good news is, when you create and go for a vision that supports your joy, you’re naturally contributing to the highest good. You are working together with Spirit to bring more good into the world. You may have a vision that directly connects to the collective, but even if you’re still figuring out how you fit into the whole, keep the highest good of all in mind as you set intentions. 

Step 7: Activate Your Vision Board

When you’ve learned how to vision board in the past, I bet you never heard of this step! But this little practice is one of the best ways to bring magic and activation to your sacred vision. 

This step is about allowing yourself to feel into the reality of your vision as already being true. I like to call it Remembering the Future (which is actually the name of one of my books) because it’s about allowing your imagination to have an experience of your vision that is so real, it’s like a memory. 


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