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7 Ways To Help Your Ageing Pet In His Last Days


It is incredibly hard when a beloved pet has aged and is in his final days. Not only is the loom of death itself hard, but it is also heartbreaking to watch your pet in pain and unable to do much, including eat or rest properly.

Although it is natural to want to keep your pet for as long as life permits, there are times when a dignified death is the right option, especially when the pain is unbearable. The following are seven ways you can help your aging pet in his final days.

Determine your pet's condition

Determining your pet's condition is the right way of knowing whether your pet should continue to live. With the help of your vet, you should answer the following questions:

How bad is your pet's breathing?

Can your pet hear and see normally?

How high is your pet's pain level?

Is he eating and drinking like he used to before?

Is he sleeping normally or sleeping all day?

Does your pet seem stressed or disoriented?

Is your pet able to do any of his favorite activities?

Does your pet have any control over his body movements?

What about hygiene and grooming? Are you able to meet his needs?

Does your pet seem at peace and happy?

Is he interacting with the family, or is depressed?

Be compassionate during this difficult time.

During such circumstances, your pet will be going through a great deal of stress and anxiety due to things he cannot control. For example, your pet may not be able to control his bladder. Instead of punishing your pet for dirtying your home, this is a time to be more understanding by comforting your pet and letting him know that this is not his fault.

For a dog or cat, you can use diapers to help preserve better hygiene. You can find great diapers of different sizes from Pet Life to give your pet a more dignified life during this challenging time. You can also get them a Collapsible Dog Crates which will help you to move them from one place to another.

Share your pet's challenges with your vet.

No vet will put down an animal unless the quality of life is drastically poor. Rather than keep these challenges to yourself, speak to a vet that you trust and share what is troubling you. Your vet can suggest options like euthanasia or hospice. Still, your vet can also recommend alternative pain medication such as CBD oil, which may alleviate pain and improve your pet's quality of life.

Consider hospice care

More than a place, pet hospice care is a philosophy. It is an option when your pet is terminally ill, and there is no cure. During this time, your vet will guide you into providing your pet with the right food, medication, and human interaction to make your pet's final days as dignified as possible.

Pet hospice care requires a great deal of time and effort from you as the pet will need constant attention, but it is another option when euthanasia does not feel right for you.

Spend time together

Even if you choose euthanasia over pet hospice care, you must spend time together with your pet during his final days. If you have children, it is good for them to understand that death is a part of life and that it is a good thing. As an adult, you should also take the necessary time with your pet and have closure, so that once he has passed, you will have the peace of mind that your pet felt loved and was never alone.

Your pet will want to say goodbye too.

As animal lovers, we know how sensitive our pets can be. During such a challenging time, they will sense our sadness, so we must allow them to say goodbye by speaking to them. Let your pet know it’s OK for him to let go.

List down the things you want to do together

Before saying goodbye, prepare a list of things you wish to do with your pet so that everyone in the family can have closure. This is a great activity where the whole family can get involved, and it will make it easier for everyone to say goodbye when the time comes.

While your pet may not run after a ball or go for a long walk, you can choose to do other things, such as spoil him by giving him his favorite treats. You can take photos together as a family and make sure all of his favorite toys are with him.

Saying goodbye will still be challenging, but you will have the comfort of knowing that your pet's final days were dignified and peaceful. When euthanasia is the only option left for your pet, be sure to ask your vet all the questions that are troubling you. It is the only way you will get through this moment with a sense of peace of having done the best thing possible for your pet.

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