It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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A Bigger Vision

female-having-a-glimpse-in-to-the-future-picture-id157332879 There’s not one area of our lives that has been unaffected by the events of 2020

Right now, life around is nowhere near what we imagined it would be. The amount of change we’ve all been asked (forced?!) to navigate is staggering. 

When we’ve been hit with as much as we have on a collective level, it’s easy for our minds to go to negative places, focusing on all that’s been taken from us. And the list is long! There’s not one area of our lives that has been unaffected by the events of 2020. I talk to many friends who are dealing with heavy feelings of grief, and some days I feel it too. It’s tempting to fall into the gap between what I desire and what exists. 

want to be on vacation… I am stuck at home. 

want to send the kids back to school… I am homeschooling 6 hours a day in addition to handling my full-time job. 

want my friends and family to be happy and healthy… I am dealing with health issues and strained relationships. 

want a world of equality and justice… I am seeing the places where that’s not the truth. 

Whew! It’s exhausting to try to hold the disparities in our minds and hearts, and it can make you question your role as a co-creator of your experience. (I don’t know about you, but a pandemic, racial strife, and a worldwide economic meltdown weren’t on my 2020 requested playlist, or vision board).

When we’re in this place of disappointment, sadness, and even anger and fear, the tendency is to stay there. Each day becomes a continuation of the next, and we spiral deeper and deeper into the abyss. We tell ourselves the story that this is just how things are, we have no control, and it’s all probably going to get worse (murder hornets, anyone?!).

The problem with this approach to life is that it allows outer circumstances to dictate our inner energy state. During OraclePalooza Virtual and with my new Oracle of the 7 Energies Oracle Card deck, I’ve been teaching a lot about the need to reset and realign our energies, so we can show up powerfully in our lives… no matter what’s going on outside of us. 

When we’re out of alignment, we get drained. We tell ourselves the same stories over and over. We fall into unhealthy patterns of behavior, thoughts, and feelings, ones that recreate the same scenarios over and over, like a horrible version of Groundhog Day

When we’re in that negative space energetically, the thoughts we think, the actions we take, and the choices we make become a reflection of the outer world rather than an image of the Divine that we hold within each of us. Here’s the truth: We each have the extraordinary power within us to choose, discover, and create a unique, authentic, inspired life without waiting for conditions to change.

Yes, we must accept life on life’s terms… AND we get to choose how to respond. 

That’s why it’s critical to clear and align your energies — so we can respond rather than react. Sometimes, this is a daily practice. Sometimes it’s an hourly practice. Sometimes it’s minute by minute! 

Think about this in terms of working with Oracle Cards. 

If I sit down to do a reading and I’m already mad at the dog, frustrated with my husband, and irritated at myself because I ate too many gummy bears and am experiencing a huge sugar crash, that’s gonna come through in the cards. 

Likewise, in life, you don’t want to get emotionally bogged down by the energy of your circumstances. 

No matter what question you ask — in life or with the cards — if you’re in a pissy mood and thinking about how mad you are at your boss or your partner and you’re asking a question about the next right action you need to take about an unrelated subject, everything’s going to get all mushed up. You’re gonna end up confused and even more frustrated. 

Instead, the goal is to move yourself, your memories, your opinions, your personal stories aside just temporarily so you can channel Spirit. You need a clean slate.

Moving to a neutral space energetically involves realigning your energies. You can say a short prayer, meditate, perform a visualization, or take a walk in nature. Resetting yourself allows you to adopt a neutral, more empowering viewpoint. It’s not about ignoring or numbing out to what’s going on; it’s about becoming detached from it so you can be observant and regain your equilibrium, make better choices, be more strategic, and create a more powerful story for yourself — and the world around you. 

As humans, we long for certainty and control. We often look to create that certainty by controlling our outer world, but it doesn’t work. Certainty is an inside job and it’s unrelated to the outer world. We play a critical role in creating reality and how we experience it, AND we’re still subject to outer forces. When we recognize this, we move closer to seeing the connections between everything around us, and the opportunities that lie within us. 

Remember: There is a Divine plan for you. It will continue to unfold as you do the inner work to remove expectations and embrace all experiences with curiosity and love. All manner of miracles are waiting for you!

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