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A Celebration of Orgasms

unicornwoman A Celebration of Orgasms

Regardless of your race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, or gender, something we ALL have in common is the need for sexual expression and orgasm.

July 31 is National Orgasm Day. Orgasms are essential for your happiness, health, vitality, and even your spiritual journey. Let’s celebrate the beauty and healing power of orgasms! 

Be prepared. After reading this article, you’ll never look at orgasms the same.

What Exactly is an Orgasm?

(1) Explosion of Love and Joy

 Your sexual energy is your soul essence flowing through your physical body. Your soul is pure love and joy. Your orgasms are an explosion of this love and joy! During orgasm, your high vibrational sexual energy lights up and expresses itself, like a firework lighting up the sky.

The best orgasms do not just involve your genitals. They involve your heart and soul. In fact, an orgasm creates an opening or invitation to love – to more deeply love yourself, and if applicable, your partner.

(2) A Healing Experience

An orgasm provides a deep healing for the mind, body, and spirit. On a physical level, orgasms boost your immune system, improve your mood, enhance your sleep, reduce stress, and even help prevent long-term health issues like prostate cancer and heart disease.

Orgasms can clear your chakras. They can also open your creative flow for intuitive insights, divine downloads, and creative solutions to problems. In addition, orgasms can deeply heal the body.

For five years, I struggled with serious health issues. My orgasms rejuvenated and healed my body. No matter how sick or tired I felt before self-pleasuring or making love to my partner, afterward I felt uplifted, energized, and full of vitality. My orgasms brought me back to vibrant health.  

Your body innately knows when it craves an orgasm. Stay in touch with your body and honor what it needs. An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away.


(3) Fountain of Youth

Orgasms are the fountain of youth. They are better than any anti-aging serum on the market! Orgasms keep your body, mind, and spirit youthful, vibrant, happy, and healthy. 

In fact, The Longevity Project[1], an eight-decade study by Howard S. Friedman, PhD, and Leslie R. Martin, discovered a link between orgasms, health, and longevity. Women who orgasmed frequently lived longer than women with few orgasms. A separate study found that men who orgasmed frequently lowered their mortality risk by up to 50%.[2]

(4) Oneness - Union with God

An orgasm is the closest you can get to the Divine, whether you call that God, Source, Spirit, or Universe. An orgasm gives you a felt experience of oneness. 

Your sexual energy is your creative life force energy. It is your divinity or soul essence flowing through your physical body. When you have an orgasm, you are fully embodying God/Source creation energy. 

An orgasm involves an intense buildup of sexual energy, then a climax and release. In the moment of release, everything becomes still. Your mind is completely still. All is well and perfect in the world. You get to experience total union with God and the entire Universe. It is a true experience of the void or space of creation.


(5) A Glimpse of Heaven

 Similar to union with God, an orgasm gives you a brief glimpse of heaven or the higher dimensions of pure love, joy, and bliss. During orgasm, you get to tap into those energies and feel a sense of unity and deep connection with all that is.

As humans in physical bodies, we are a bridge between heaven and earth. Our orgasms start within the earth, spiral upward through our body, and extend out into the higher dimensions.

Instead of just tapping into these high frequencies for a fleeting moment, you can integrate those energies into your body and life. This can help you experience more joy, love, health, vitality, well-being, abundance, and pure delight in your daily life.


(6) Raises Your Vibration

 Your sexual energy is the highest vibration you can experience in physical form. Orgasms raise your vibration and help you experience love, joy, abundance, and bliss.

Orgasms have an accumulative effect. Every orgasm raises your vibration a little more. Every orgasm offers you the opportunity to open your heart a little more. Every orgasm has the potential to expand your life to the next level of success, healing, and empowerment.


(7) Self-Expression and Self-Actualization of Your Life Force Energy

An orgasm is an expression of your life force energy (also known as your sacred sexual energy). When you feel turned on or sexually excited, your soul lights up and shines. The afterglow effect after a good orgasm is your soul shinning. 

Just like a flower blossoming, a waterfall flowing, or a volcano erupting, energy needs full self-expression and self-actualization. If you’re not having regular orgasms, you’re not fully self-expressed. We must have orgasms to thrive on Planet Earth.

An orgasm brings an intense feeling of aliveness. It charges your batteries and energizes you from deep within!


(8) Potential to Create and Manifest


The entire universe was created from a giant cosmic orgasm (whether you subscribe to Big Bang theory, creation theory or both). YOU were created from sexual energy - from an explosion of love and joy. Isn’t that cool? 

When a man has a traditional ejaculatory orgasm, the orgasm releases his sacred seeds of creation. These seeds have the potential to fertilize a woman’s egg and create a child. Masculine energy fertilizes feminine energy to create or give birth to something new.

 We all have masculine and feminine energy within us. Regardless of your gender, your sexual energy is your creative life force energy. Your orgasm carries the seeds of creation. You can utilize your orgasm to create what you want in your life, whether it is a child, a new business opportunity, money, a new romantic relationship, or whatever your heart desires. 

If you enjoyed this celebration of the healing power of orgasms, stay tuned for my next article. I’ll share tips for having earth-shattering orgasms, even if you’ve had difficulty with orgasms in the past.

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[1] The Longevity Project by Howard S. Friedman, PhD and Leslie R. Martin

[2]Sex and death: are they related? Findings from the Caerphilly Cohort Study. G Davey SmithS FrankelJ Yarnell

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