It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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A Constant Process

beinghappy A constant Process
The responsibility of keeping ourselves happy,  is totally our own.  Every individual is completely responsible for his or her own happiness. Each one of us is capable of making our dreams a reality. It is up to us to harness the forces into play for ourselves. This will require a dramatic change of behavior in the way you do things and even in your thinking process. You have to be ready for it. You need to understand that you will be doing this,  because you will have to change the fundamental essence within you. 

People invariably reach a point in their lives,  where they feel the necessity to change,  as their lives seem to be stagnant and meaningless. They stop feeling the essential joy of "Being Alive", which is the inherent nature of every human being. We keep putting it off since change scares us. We are so comfortably settled,  in our own comfort zone, that moving away from that zone seems unnatural to us. But we need to realize that we have to do it. Sitting in the same situation will only keep generating more and more stress due to a stagnant invariable. 

How can we have a passive approach to an active expectation?

We cannot just keep waiting, we need to make it happen for us, through our own mental effort. 

Let your mind focus on your futuristic expectations of your own self in alignment with the Universe, and allow your positive thoughts to take charge.

We need to remind ourselves,  that transformation is not a future event.   It is a constant process.  It is the concept of Life happening at every moment of our being Alive. Change is not a goal in itself.  It is a consistent process which leads us to our inherent desires. The quality of our desires is decided by us. We have to be emotionally responsible for our own selves. 

We need to understand that stress accumulates,  and starts building up, as we seem to be making the same choices over and over again. We play the same mantra mentally all along,  and expect it to work for us. We like to imagine that life will move onto a more dynamic and happening scenario, all on its own.This is truly not conceivable or probable. 

It is our duty towards ourselves to ensure a better tomorrow. This is the only way we have, to be on the path to magnetize success. We can start thinking towards a more positive future, and attract it into our lives with the power of our positive thoughts. 

There are truly,  so very many personal dynamic powers that are a part of our nature, and always available to us. These can be used consciously by us to change everything that we attract into our lives. 

Success in all our endeavours,  will only come to us, once we take control. We need to use our innate gifts. We normally allow them to remain dormant, within us, as we are too afraid to change the dynamics of our own inherent thinking. 

We like to believe that whatever worked for us over the years,  will continue to work for us even now.  We need to understand,  that in static thinking attitudes,  growth and evolution,  is not possible. 

It is our duty to facilitate our evolution and growth in the correct direction. Life only takes a new and positive direction,  when we give it the right kind of attention. Change requires awareness on our part, in the process of personal growth.  

" If we do not change,  nothing will change"

So eventually you must understand  that, "you need to be the change",  in order to shed the Stress in your life, and start creating your own personal pattern of Joy. 
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