It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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A Courageous Heart: Connected or Disconnected

human-and-space-the-concept-of-the-composition-of-progress-science-picture-id936885928 A Courageous Heart: Connected or Disconnected

How important is our purview?

How does it emerge?

How does it affect our relationship to ourselves, nature, the world, the Cosmos even the Divine?


Throughout centuries we have personally and collectively developed how we see things, what our current lens is, defined and named ourselves and others by it and evolved in certain directions within it. Current worldviews can emerge from scientific perspectives as well as family, community and personal experiences, ancestral inheritance etc appearing at best incomplete and at times inaccurate, unnatural.

As we begin to understand the true nature of our existence, who we are, what we innately carry within our DNA codes and the fundamental patterns of the Universe, we begin another journey of evolution that brings all into alignment, coherency, connectivity and presence, an opportunity to choose harmony, synchronicity, peace, internal power from the innate genius that resides within the deepest part of us.


Fundamental Question


Our purview, worldview shapes us in ways we may or may not be aware of.

Do we collaborate to get ahead or because we are one family connected as one?

Is the world to be feared or is it safe?

Do we feel alone or act from a place of deep belonging and sense of self and place ?


The most fundamental question perhaps is this:

*Are we a part of or separate from the Whole, the Universe, Infinity?

Our answer to this prescribes how  we will interact, contribute and ultimately how we express in the world . Deeper, the answer impacts our vibrational signal and signature in life.


Every moment is a journey in how we feel, participate and connect with ourselves and the world around us. How often do we take a breath, feel into our true deeply embedded connectivity on any level?

Step out of being on the move to tap into the source of our movement, conversations, interactions?

Are we constantly trying to connect, be connected, or do we come from an innate sensibility of "already connected?"

Once again is the Universe, internal/external reflection, a connected or disconnected continuum?


For this moment dissolve all reference points from education, conditioning, what your colleagues think, what you may have thought until this second, letting go of the lens, the patterns…

feeling into the spaciousness that is here and your deepest heart…

breathe softly...

experience what may be present rising up to meet you...


New Science/Ancient Wisdom


Extraordinary discoveries and revelations are occurring every second, illuminations, deep inquiry, equations ever expanding our purview/worldview as we uncover a holofractagraphic Cosmos, the connected Universe. We all in some way have had an experience of union where there existed no boundaries, no definitions, no parameters or separation that the spiritual masters speak about.

Today now 2 worlds, science and spirituality, are merging as one whole. The thinking has been that science was informing this Oneness. Perhaps the next evolution is that the Oneness, Unified Field, is informing science! And in this way we inform our world/cosmic purview through resonance not dissonance, through love not separation, through Both And.


Simple Practice


In any given moment:



consider what purview are you coming from: connected or disconnected...


Poetic Practice:


In each breath



of Eternity


from Infinity

Each breath

a new Universe





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