It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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A New Fearless Self: Living The Life Of Joy & Freedom

fearless_self A New Fearless Self: Living The Life Of Joy & Freedom
Stress is building up everyday. In the days of the Pandemic, when the entire Globe has come together in terms of their own existence, when individuality has stopped having a meaning, when people have come to understand that, now all their petty issues have submerged into the common pool of human existence.

Life itself is the only issue that has meaning, all else comes later. Humanity has come to understand that only when there is life, only then the concept of issues has a meaning and relevance.


With the influx of messages from the media, fear is looming large in the lives of most people. In the average man, who has been conditioned to believe that his life revolves around making money. He is at a loss on how to do his daily activity amidst the current environment.

I feel compelled to write to alleviate the suffering of the human mind, in the days of extreme stress and distress.

It is time for the human spirit to rise in its potential, for each one to muster up the courage from within himself, to march forward to fulfill his own unique destiny.


Fear is what is currently ruling the hearts and minds of people. You need to feed your mind with the correct and relevant information. If you are constantly feeding fear based thoughts into your minds, you will then start living in a circle of fear, this in turn will become the pattern of your life and of your current reality.


The world is fighting an internal war, each individual within himself, and yet connected, on a collective level of consciousness.
We have to realize that over the years, the only thing that has ruled the human mind has been fear. The fear of failure, sickness, poor relations. Fear of the past and fear of the future. It is time the human mind decided to take control of its own conscious awareness.


You need to realize that fear is only a thought in your mind. Do not be afraid of your own thought. You are the creator of your thoughts, so you can be the annihilator of these thoughts too.


I know that at the moment with most people even if they have come to a level of acceptance of the negativity around them and their own personal potential to overcome it, they need certain ways to guide them , as to how they can free themselves from their fears.


In the times as physically one is staying at home, we need to work on everything on a mental realm.

Put yourself into a state of deep relaxation.

Bring up your most prominent fear, for example, if its the fear of the mountains, imagine yourself taking a stroll in the mountains. Feel the reality of It, experience it in your mind, enjoy the beauty of nature, mountains and trees, notice yourself coming to a place of comfort and ease within. Your sub conscious has now accepted this and your perception and reality change accordingly.


Similarly when it comes to disease or any kinds of illness, you can conquer your fear. Only those fears can get to you which you allow.


Having faith in your positive beliefs is essential. Allow them access to your sub conscious mind.

Be the new fearless self and live the life of Joy and Freedom.

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