A Simple Tool To Change Your World…Allow Yourself To Breathe

A Simple Tool To Change Your World…Allow Yourself To Breathe - Dr. Sue

The world is a reflection of you because you are the universe.

Perhaps that seems like a bold statement.

I share it because I’m often asked, “How can I change the world?” The answer is for you to come home to the core and build circuits so that you perceive with clarity and a loving, compassionate, conscious presence everything happening in the world.

Ask yourself, “What is the relationship I allow my mind to be in regarding the whole picture?” Do you focus the mind in the core so that it integrates and perceives the true state of what's really going on? Or do you let the mind go off on its own and worry, judge, feel afraid or regretful? 

As you keep the mind focused in the central channel and allow yourself to become an integrated version of you, instead of being in pieces, you bring wholeness and solution to the world. 

The most important relationship for success whether, it’s changing the world or your own relationship with abundance, family, creativity…really everything we do or experience, is the one between mind, body, and breath. Mind, body, and breath combined equate to the integrated, universal version of you. 

As you take a breath, ask yourself, “What am I breathing in and where does it come from?”

How far beyond your five senses do you perceive? Where do we allow our breath to be drawn from? As you consciously breathe from the cosmos, you allow cosmic energy to be a living, breathing part of your system.

This shifts what and how you perceive the world because you consciously connect to you as the universe rather than an isolated self. 

Ask yourself, “Do I have a trusted relationship with the way things go in my life?” The universe delivers circumstances – people’s responses, ways of people exchanging with us, or with each other in the world – for us to allow more flow. 

We either trust the way circumstances are unfolding, or we don't. If we believe it should be a different way, we resist the flow and in that moment, we take ourselves out of the groove where success happens. 

Yet the moment we anchor back in the central channel, we notice a flood of abundance, of opportunities, of relationships being nurtured and flourishing. 

The moment you feel that something has not gone the way you wanted it to, you create a wobble in the flow. You might feel your heart sink, get a knot in your stomach, have hurt feelings. Or it could feel like disillusionment, or judgment. If your system is acclimated to protect you, it'll turn to judgment…”What’s wrong with them?” Or, “What's wrong with me that this is happening this way?” 

My invitation to you is, several times a day, start to notice and trust the way things go because it’s all in your favor. You’ll likely start by noticing all the moments you think didn’t go your way. The invitation is to practice. Notice the times you trust the way things go. As you reclaim your trust in the universe, you allow the mind to trust, too.

For this to happen, we have to slow the mind down. A way to do that is to slow down your breath and train the mind to pay attention to what's happening with the body.

Even if you can't feel anything at all, keep your mind on your body, and breathe through the central channel. Allow it to feel good. This slows the mind and when the mind slows, so does its desire to write a story to fill in the “unknown.”

When the mind is quieted, we can perceive the truth of what is happening in the world. Your come-from shifts as the mind focuses on the body so that you walk into any circumstance with compassion, tenderness, and love – bringing possibility.

You cultivate your ability to be a loving presence on earth by allowing the breath to feel good as it passes through the central channel. Because when you do, you are connected as the cosmos and allow success to flow. 

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With Great Love, 


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