A Simple Way to Use Your Intuition, Even If You Think You Don’t Have Any

intuition A Simple Way to Use Your Intuition, Even If You Think You Don’t Have Any

Intuition is defined as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning; a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

I now run my life on intuition, but it wasn’t always like this.

I always thought I had flawed intuition, but I now realize I ignored it when it whispered to me. I was uncomfortable with making decisions based on anything, but justifiable data—a Virgo to the core. I soon learned though, intuition is far from logical. It calculates the answer and delivers it unapologetically, with no explanation. Still, I allowed myself to need logic and legitimate reasons to free myself from relationships that weren’t good for me, career paths that didn’t fit me, and more.

It took a lot of time for me to learn to trust it. And some of that trust came from seeing that my logic-based decisions didn’t turn out all that great.

If we considered the awesomeness of intuition more, we’d be better friends, spouses, children, and employees or employers. But the fact is, with the information overload we are constantly exposed to, we have learned to check with ourselves … well … last.

When we had less to go on, we relied on our intuition more. But now, we’ve frankly, gotten very out of practice. You have this wonderful tool inside your very own body that is world’s more accurate than guessing, analyzing or worse—listening to everyone else’s guessing and analyzing. Now, how to harness that super awesome tool? That’s next.

As an energy therapy practitioner focusing on emotional healing, I help people with this all day long. Negative emotions from our past can become stored in our body as stuck energy. This energy can lead to physical and emotional symptoms, often clouding our connection to ourselves. Harboring fear, worry, anger and judgment leave little room for us to see and feel clearly. Often, simply talking about negative emotions doesn’t seem to do the trick of getting rid of them; and it’s my job to help people to actually release them from the body.

There are things you can start with now to get re-connected with yourself and therefore, your intuition.

1)  Ask your body. There is an incredible exercise you can use, to learn to feel what your body is telling you. The key here is to clear your logic-run mind so you can actually listen. Try to turn off your brain for this one.

2)  Stand or sit up straight, arms by your side, body relaxed. Quietly ask yourself a “yes” or “no” question and feel how your body sways in response. Start with something you already know the answer to such as “Is my name _____?” You are likely to feel a gently pull forward, or backward. If it pulls forward, your body is gravitating to a “yes” for that question. Just like plants grow toward the light, your body will tend to naturally move forward when it’s in resonance with something. If your body draws back slightly, it’s repelling away from that thought or idea and is saying “no.” Next, think of a situation and feel what your body is telling you. Is that job or guy or food beneficial for me? Is it swaying forward, signaling a positive response; or is it repelling away, telling you that situation isn’t good for you?

3)  Focus on feeling safe. I find the basis of much that keeps us stuck emotionally, is that we don’t feel safe. This includes feeling safe enough to speak up for ourselves, safe enough to trust life and let go of control, safe enough around loved ones to let them be their true selves, and more. The practice of learning you can be ok no matter what happens in life, will allow you to feel safe enough to trust your intuition. When you are constantly in fear mode, it’s nearly impossible to hear anything but doubts. Simply repeating, “I am safe” as you fall asleep at night can be very helpful.

4)  Stop asking opinions of others first. Talking things over with a friend can be helpful, but asking opinions can be a dangerous addiction—one that will never really lead you to what’s right for you. Make a conscious decision to stop seeking opinions, at least before you ask yourself what you think. This includes online reviews and message forums too.

5)  Ditch the pro and con list. I never make pro and con lists. The reason? Intuitive decisions have nothing to do with logic. Logic interferes. So many of us talk ourselves out of listening to our intuition because it “doesn’t make sense.” Accepting intuition is just that raw gut feeling, will help you start separating from the need for things to make sense.

6)  Consider the true meaning of “I don’t know.” Typically intuition feels like a knowing about something. In my experience, not being sure, is a pretty good indicator that it’s a NO. You’ll know a strong YES when you feel one. They’re the ones that keep us in line with our hearts.

Now you know a few secrets to unlock the answers that have been trying to call out to you. The next challenge? Learning not to look the other way when you don’t like those answers. Baby steps though …

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