It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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A Vision of Egoic Proportion

Father_Son_tracks_pix Egoic Proportion

I woke up at 2:00 AM with a flashlight and pen and started writing.

A Vision of Egoic Proportion

My ego is part of who I am.
It does not need to be resisted.

Everything goes with me everywhere, all the time.

“The ultimate illusion is an individual self.” Panache Desai – Call to Calm, May 19, 2020

The term “ego” is often misunderstood. A multitude of ideas and concepts revolve around ego.
One simple definition is, “The part of your identity that you consider your self.”

I avoided the word “You” for many years. It is often the word of choice to project blame and guilt. Today I realized “You” is singular, like “I” There is no plural for You or I. The quantity of You and I are one. Plural forms are used when there is more of the same thing.

This may be common knowledge to someone familiar with grammar. It struck me as a glaring flash of the obvious. I delight in observation and discovery. Experience is a rich form of learning.

Everything goes with you everywhere, all the time.


©4-3-20 Will Hale – Tadpole Parade

Ego Is not good or bad.

It is simply a matter of proportion.

It is a part of our self
But must be a small part of our self

The ego is not malicious

Ego amplifies fear or love
It only amplifies fear when it feels abandoned
It allows love to thrive when it feels safe

It is only when the ego is in charge that fear arises
The ego does not take control
We give it responsibility
We ask a blind aspect of our being to guide us

Blindness is not bad or wrong
But when we live life in darkness
There will be fear

Egos have good intentions, doing the best they can,
They are not bad or malicious, egos are only limited

Our ego thinks it is hurt by fear
It may try to destroy itself for feeling useless, even hated
But it’s only a reflection looking at its own limitation

Our identity must be measured by a sense of proportion

The child in us, cannot be abandoned
Our child is precious. It is with us in every breath
We can’t leave our inner child behind
We are united as one being

We cannot leave ego behind
We cannot abandon our self
Our ego wants to know it can go, with us
Ego thinks it can be separated from who we are

When the light of our being embraces our ego
The ego can understand it does not know, all it is
It can trust the seeing awareness of itself

Our identity is a perspective of size and proportion

Our ego needs to be our companion, not our guide

Our ego wants to be helpful
Love its limitation like you would love your child

There is only one you

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