Age Isn’t a Number, It’s an Attitude!


Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder where all the time has gone. It flies by so quickly and before we know it, our energy is waning and our gray hairs are multiplying!

Are you in the mindset that maybe you’re too old to pursue a relationship or try something new? Are you letting your age get in the way of your dreams? If you let your psychological fear hold you ransom, it will undoubtedly hold you back from what you really want to do.

It’s never too late…for anything!

A client once told me a story about her aunt who at the age of 70 went back to college to get a degree in English. I also have a friend in her mid-50s who’s now enrolled in an online program to get her master’s degree. Was it too late for them? Clearly, they didn’t think so.

When you make excuses, you block all of the positive people and situations from manifesting in your life. These people and situations could bring an unlimited amount of spirit energy, passion and joy to your soul. Remember, the soul is ageless. It’s eternal.

It’s your physical body that ages—not your soul. By tapping in to your soul and the power of your spirit that flows through it, you can always feel youthful. This power will bring energy and vitality to your physical body when you need it most. It all comes down to your beliefs and your attitude.

Do you know what happens when you really believe that you’re too old? You get older! You have a choice of whether to say “No, I can’t” or “Yes, I can!” My first assistant has a 94-year-old mother who volunteers once a week at a homeless shelter. I’ve seen people in their 30s act older than this 94-year-old. And let’s not forget folks like Grandma Moses who began painting at age 78 and now her famous artwork can be seen in museums around the world. Or the beloved inspirational teacher Louise Hay, who at almost 60 started her own book publishing company. It’s all a matter of how you think and what you believe.

JOHN'S MESSAGE                                

Here are 7 ways you and your soul can remain ageless:

  1. Try something new each day. You’re never too old to try!
  2. Break out of your routine at least once a week. Take a new route to work or try a new grocery store.
  3. Express your passion in everything you do.
  4. Associate more with people who do rather than those who don't.
  5. Let go of excuses that hinder your potential to achieve.
  6. Instead of saying: “If only I had done___,” follow your heart and do it.
  7. Believe in yourself!

Age isn’t a number, it’s an attitude. Once you truly believe that you can do anything, follow your passion and live as the soul you were meant to be—you’ll spend more time counting beautiful memories instead of passing birthdays!

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Live a Soul-filled life!


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