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August 23 -26 | Phoenix, AZ

The energy is expansive. The joy is contagious. The excitement is exhilarating. And the potential is limitless.

Timi O’Malley has enjoyed a successful career in the food-service industry creating memorable events, providing nourishing meals and working with accomplished chefs. She has spent more than 20 years working with The Pebble Beach Company and Sysco Foods to make meal occasions special for thousands of people. Timi has lived in India and Mexico and tr...avelled extensively around the world, learning how different cultures exchange love while sharing meals. Although her life has been blessed, it has not been without profound loss. In her late thirties, her comfortable life shifted dramatically and quickly. She changed jobs, and then her marriage fell apart. Within a year of their separation, her husband passed away unexpectedly. She mourned deeply, but remained resilient. This was a giant wake-up call for her to evaluate what was important. Once the fog of grief lifted, she saw life very differently. It became clear that every moment is a miraculous gift from a source of infinite love. This perspective has energized a personal desire to connect with this love. An immense gratitude for this gift of life has inspired her to put all her skills and talents together to guide others to their highest potential.  Because Timi loves to learn and try new things, she continuously challenges herself.  She reads extensively about nutrition and loves cooking. She fully realized the power of movement through her yoga practice and frequent exercise. This keeps her healthy with an ideal weight.  Since these profound life shifts, her life has gone in a new direction. Timi is the author of Consuming Love, the Joy of Sharing Meals. She is a spiritual practitioner intern at the Center for Spiritual Awakening, and a certified HeartMath® trainer of techniques to increase resilience and well-being. O’Malley is a licensed teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence™ and founder of Just Thrive Now®, a consultative program dedicated to guiding women to live in balance while supporting growth and self-care. Timi is also a contributing author to Cooking Up Community, a local collaborative collection of best recipes. Timi received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Humboldt State University in Ethnobotany and Anthropology. She currently lives in Seaside, California with her husband Edward and enjoys the bounty and beauty of the California Central Coast. They gather and linger at the table with friends and family as often as possible. It is her greatest joy to share love with others over a meal. More

Crush the Box

outsidethebox Crush the Box

Learning to live outside the box is essential to living your authentic life. This is difficult because we often have perceptions of reality imposed by society. Our western model of success (a house, kids, picket fence, two cars, etc..), may not bring the fulfillment and happiness you’re looking for. Our high-tech, low-touch society doesn’t promote your unique brilliance. But there is something greater and unique within you, waiting to get out of the box.

Have you ever been told that you weren’t good enough? Have you ever felt that your ideas were unimportant? This happens all the time. Belief in judgement and unrealistic expectations limit your potential. Your belief of these lies needs to be transformed into realization of your full potential. Your beautiful, unique expression lives outside the box.

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Is It True?

stressed Is It True?

Last week, I found myself getting open, honest and vulnerable with a colleague. She then did the same. It was amazing, really. It was a moment of unexpected intimacy between the two of us. Our interaction was candid and real. We both needed to vent out stress over a situation. I’ll spare you the details, but it made me wonder why we don’t question our beliefs and perceptions more?

When I was a kid, I questioned everything.

Why do I have to? Where am I going? How do I know that’s true? Why can’t I do it differently? If I do this, why does that happen? Why, why why…?

And what we learned from the answers to these questions formed our map of life.

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Powerful Keynotes

Panache Desai - Break Free, Break Loose, and Live Wild!
Dr. Sue Morter- The Energy Codes®: Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life
Sandra & Daniel Biskind - No Limits: Cracking the Code to a Platinum Life
Guy Finley - Relationship Magic: Love’s Infinite Journey
Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith - The Boldness of Becoming
Rosie Mercado - True Beauty - The Potential in the Broken Pieces
Kute Blackson - Keynote: Living Your Purpose: You Were Born For Greatness
16 Visionary Speakers
26 Keynote, Workshops and Masterminds
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Aug 23-26 | Phoenix, AZ
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