It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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As we are galloping into the new year, with newer apprehensions this time, we are also motivated by newer desires and newer goals to achieve. 
This period of the Pandemic has been a very trying  and challenging time for most people. For the majority of us, it has been a time of deep introspection and coming to conclusions about life, goals, challenges, and achievements. It was as though time had stopped. That seemed this way because there was a forced sense of staying at home, spending more time with the family, and coming to terms with a lot of unreal realities. 

On these days of Staying at home, there was time for everyone to look within and be objective about their ownselves. Filtering the why's and wherefore's was quite a scenario.  
The greatest gift of this Pandemic has been, the measuring of self worth by each one of us. All the issues we have are based on our level of self worth and now the whole of last year,  with lots of time on our hands, was the ideal time span to do an inward journey. 
We are unhappy because of our low self-esteem and our habit of being self critical. This erodes our sense of Joy and takes us farther away from our purpose. Fixing this trait is essential. 

Think thoughts that nourish and support you. Thoughts are mere words put together, only we give them a meaning. Try and think positively about yourself. Loving yourself is essential. This is the only way we remain centered and seek fulfillment. Most people are waking up to a new sense of being.  

As a part of growing up, we tend to take on the dreams and desires of our peers, and also perform as to what is expected of us. In our unique circumstances, the set patterns of society, which we keep responding to, keep sending us signals of unhappiness.  It is our duty as individuals to recognize and acknowledge our own personal dreams. As our deep introspection puts us in touch with our true self, we can allow self transformation to take place. 

We all develop comfort zones, but we need to realize and accept that change is the only constant. We build up stress within because we are rigid and resistant to change. 

Do not believe in your unworthiness, feel that your desires are worthwhile. You need to feel worthy by desiring money, love, good health, quality life, you need to let go of thoughts of lack. 

It is your own inner resistance to change that does not allow happiness to step into your life. Be positive and opened to change. 

Learn to forgive yourself,  for the mistakes you think you made. It is important that you should feel cleansed and empty of any negative emotion.  It is only in the empty space within,  that positivity shall flow. 
Acknowledge your weaknesses and create affirmations according to your current state of being. Bless your current position with love. It is your own thinking patterns that define you. 

 "I am open and receptive to a new position that uses my talents and abilities to their best value, and allows me to express my creativity in ways that fulfill me."

Affirm this and see the joy and creativity flowing through you.  Watch the stress recede and happiness take over. 
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