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Allow yourself the luxury of extreme Self Care

massage-picture-id506193344 Allow yourself the luxury of extreme Self Care
Many of us take the business of living life very seriously. We are very aware of our responsibilities, and in the process, one fine day, we sort of mentally wake up, to realize and understand, that we have forgotten, to take care of our personal needs. We have forgotten, who we are. That whole persona of ours, has been, by our own free will "brushed under the carpet " as we did not want to handle it, when it surfaced. We think we will handle it, as and when required. 

We do not realize, that those are the issues, which have allowed stress to seep into our being, stealthily. 

We realize suddenly that we are feeling tired on every level. Mentally, emotionally and physically It's only when we wake up to this awareness, depleted in this manner, with a level of exhaustion on a physical and emotional plane, we realize that that we are incapable of handling stress 

We then understand that any form of Self care, like a massage, or a hot soak in the bathtub, or any activity that revitalizes us on a mind body level is essential for our extreme well being. 

There are so many benefits we get from Self Care, both on the mind body level. It is up to us to decipher what enhances our Self Care approach. 

The emotional factor,  is the most vital and imperative factor. This is important as its held responsible for the fulfillment of our emotional needs. 
This is instantaneously triggered,  when Self Care becomes a priority. It prevents chronic stress from taking over. It rejuvenates a person from within and on the surface too. 

This makes you feel good about yourself. You learn to value yourself and develop a sense of self worth. It takes a while to convince people about the importance of Self Care, but once the awareness settles in, it is an easy task. 

Lots if times in taking care of others, you ignore your own needs. This can lead to low self esteem and a feeling of resentment. Mastering these feelings is essential through Self Care. 


There are various ways in which we can pamper ourselves. This can be termed as Self Care. 

For some of us, who enjoy the luxurious feeling, this is an idyllic way. This can include various spa services and experiences which can lead to a state of complete relaxation. 

This stimulates the blood circulation,  and leads to a novel experience. We all need to escape our present reality in order to be stress free. So that we can relax for a few hours. Giving the body a special treatment is just a natural way to reduce stress. 

Using healthy creams, exfoliating the skin, keeps the skin soft, our body in good shape and feeling repaired.This actually soothes the mind and body both. 

When the body relaxes itself, and calms down, there is enough time to look inwards, into those emotions which would soothe the tumultuous mind. It is a meditative state and essential for relaxation. 

As we grow in years, and our high energy levels seem to wane, we need to connect to the soothing levels within us, to arrive. 



This is one of the most essential ways of Self Care
1. Eating a good breakfast 
2. Opting for a green tea, instead of a regular coffee or tea. 
3. Replace coffee with decaffeinated coffee or  tea 
4. Healthy Munching. Try cutting fruits, keeping them in the fridge. Sunflower seeds, carrot sticks.
5. Avoid sugary and starchy foodstuff. 
These are general practices you can follow. They could be, guided meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, you could even take a simple rejuvenating walk. 
Allow yourself the luxury of extreme Self Care. Feel it overtake your mind and and body,  leading to simplified bliss. This is the most de stressing experience, going the joyful way. 
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