It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Allowing Life To Become A Blissful Adventure

blissfullife Allowing Life To Become A Blissful Adventure
Stress like all other things in life is truly controlled by universal laws of attraction. Of course it is our own belief system, that puts them into motion. As you put your self in harmony with the universal laws, you will actually feel the shift in your own energy. Consciousness and awareness also shift.  Most important of course is the shift in your own experience. 


As you change your perception to a happier zone, you actually shift your personal energy. The bottom line of successful manifestation is the intention to create Joy in your life.  Life is then a blissful adventure. The process of continuously flowing energies,  creates a domino effect in terms of manifestation.  Being happier shifts your energy. This also moves what you attract in life. This goes to prove that ongoing manifestation is a result of our desire to create ongoing happiness. 


Question yourself, are you peaceful, joyous and happy by your own personal standards. Take a while to contemplate on your answer.  Be honest about it,  as your success hinges on your own answers. 


Sometimes we dwell on thoughts which are very negative and make you unhappy.  They sabotage your energy and your intention. Keep away from these sabotaging thoughts,  as they destroy your chances and possibility of reaching a joyous state. 


Don't confuse the two, wealth is extremely important, but yes, it does not lead to ultimate happiness.  


The joy in your life actually increases your pleasure. You don't need to wait to be happy.  We need to create a success consciousness, and for this we require a constant flow of joy.  We cannot wait for it to happen, we can't delay the choice to enjoy life. 


Some people genuinely don't identify with happiness they never felt it in their childhood. Their familiarity resides with unhappiness. This creates a sort of crazy sense of comfort,  as that is the feeling they identity with the most. It actually takes a lot of energy in the riotous sense of unsatisfactory living. But they do find a level of comfort in it. 


Some people identify happiness with material wealth. They feel happy only when they get what they desire. Of course it's childish and immature, but it serves their momentary purpose. 


Why is it so difficult for most people to delight in their experience. People actually carry a happiness guilt. They feel that, with so much misery around,  they have no business to be happy. 


We must learn and teach not to live in envy, it is a debilitating syndrome. Living in resentment is unhealthy. The bottom line of successful manifestation, is the intention to create joy in your life. Life then becomes a blissful adventure. 
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