An Angel in the Subway


Are you wondering whether your path is the right one? Let me share a story that may help you. It’s about a time when I questioned whether mediumship was for me. I had a crazy day at my regular job and was heading home on the subway hoping for a second wind to do some readings that night.

As we lurched out of the station, the seat next to me remained empty. I shrugged and opened the book I was reading. When I looked up again, I saw an elderly nun.

“Hello, young man. You have a nice face. Is that seat taken?”

As she sat down, I noticed she had the kindest eyes I’d ever see. “My name is Sister Agnes, but most people call me Aggie." After I introduced myself, she asked if I could guess her occupation.

“You’re a schoolteacher,” I said with a smile.

Sister Aggie returned the grin. “No, I help people who are ill and living in hospice. I prepare them to cross over. People call me a Counselor for God.”

My mouth dropped open. “Did you sit in the right seat, Sister! You get them before they go, and I get them after. I’m a medium.”

We shared stories about our work and our passions. “My job is to give others love and compassion,” Sister Aggie said.  “I’m sure you can relate, John, as the work you’re doing is important, and I know you’re good at it.”

How does she know how good I am? I wondered. She just met me!

Then she talked about how we all give each other Memory Days. It can be an act of kindness, a trip to a favorite place, or something as simple as helping an elderly woman with her groceries. We remember these days for the rest of our lives and take them with us when we pass.

“I believe we review our lives with all our faults and accomplishments,” Sister Aggie explained. “So, why not try to give good memories to everyone we can?” As she spoke, I felt like we were on the same soulful wavelength. Then she added, “All we can do is our best. That’s why you and I are here, John—to do the best possible job with the time we’re given.”

Before I knew it, the train pulled into the station. Sister Aggie stood up and tossed me her biggest smile. “Bless you, John. Keep the faith.”

“You too, Sister.” And then suddenly, she was gone. I didn’t even see her blend into the crowd. I couldn’t explain her presence, but I’d never forget her. She’d left me with my own Memory Day.

JOHN'S MESSAGE                                

I never forgot this special meeting with Sister Aggie. She was unforgettable!

Now, all these years later, I’ve often wondered:

  • Why was the seat beside me empty and why didn’t anyone who was standing on the crowded train take the seat?
  • How could a nun suddenly disappear when she was just beside me?
  • Did I look the other way while she was getting off the train?
  • Was she even real?
  • Was she a guide?
  • An angel?
  • Did my soul assist in putting me in the right place, at the right time?

I know that my meeting Sister Aggie was meant to be because obviously, I needed to hear what she had to say at that precise time in my life. Always know, and sometimes it’s hard to believe, please know you are never alone.

Whenever you need a little nudge toward your true calling, or a little Divine guidance, your soul is connected to everything (including the spiritual realms) and connected to everyone and definitely knows how to get your attention! Believe, Be Open Have Faith.

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Live a Soul-filled life!

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