An Unconditional Relationship with Yourself


As human beings, we have a compartmentalized hierarchical relationship with ourselves. That means that certain aspects of ourselves are okay and other aspects of us are not. 

In the context of evolution, by virtue that you are a human being, you are here to be all of it. You can’t make the choice to be human and then fundamentally disregard fifty percent of the human equation. It defeats the purpose of why you came in the first place. It would be like going to Disney World and hating Mickey Mouse!!

You have to get to a place where you realize that we are a global community, and a giant family and that nothing is happening in isolation. We are in the midst of an intersection: Having a conditional relationship with ourselves and therefore continuing to control with draconian measures and systems that leverage said control or are we going to have an unconditional relationship with ourselves. 

This is where it becomes interesting. For those of you that have come to love and accept yourself, have you noticed the way in which you are participating in life has shifted? For every single thing that is playing out in the world, knowledge and love of self is the answer and the key for every single thing. You can only impose control, manipulation, intimidation and draconian architecture over a group of people who don’t love themselves and are in fear.

To find out the genesis of this, ask yourself what is it that keeps me in limitation? What is it that keeps me in compliance with a life that at best, is a mediocre reflection of my infinite potential? The answer is simple: Get to a place where you love yourself. 

Resting in the awareness of your breath, transforms your life into a living meditation. 

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