Antidote To The Sweetness Of More

covid-19sign Antidote To The Sweetness Of More

I was thinking that adversity is an organic phenomenon of nature that exists solely to increase our vibration. It doesn’t much matter where it appears to have come from, who or what generated it, but like a blade of grass growing up through the pavement, we push through under the pressure or the forces that may be trying to squash us but alas for them, it is only serving to increase our vibration. It is biology. It is chemistry.

When you apply mechanical pressure to a crystal, it generates an EM field. As the pressure is increased on us with our seclusion, the crystalline beings of Pure Diamond Light we are, rise in vibration to meet the Christ Light within us. Coal turns into diamonds! It’s geology. We are made of minerals and they are transforming into Crystal Light! 

If you were on your death bed, what would be important to you v.s everyday importance? Does the definition of importance change when you shift the context? What if we lived ‘death bed importance’ every day of our lives? Who would we be then and what actions would we take?  

Importance, what we value most is uniquely individual. I like to base my importance first on what is real. Some say reality doesn’t exist, that there is no reality. That reality is a useful lie we tell ourselves and one another in order to organize and get things done and that in truth, reality is subjective, a perception, a point of view.  

But for me, reality is the Infinite, is the Absolute, is the Original Creation of love by the Light that is, was and ever will be. This ‘reality’ of Oneness comes intact with certain rules, or laws that seem to govern the All Life: immutable laws of the universe.

It dawned on me early on knowing this, that I had a choice: to either do my best to study, live by/with/as those governing principles or deny them and try to negotiate with them at every turn! (Not a good strategy!)

Thing is the governing principles are in truth, non-negotiable, as are the laws of quantum science. We don’t have to follow them but if we don’t, there are consequences and life is harder, like swimming upstream.

And why would someone, do we, try and negotiate with REALITY? Because we are believing in someone else’s idea of reality, rather than uncovering the ‘deeper reality’ of truth that is spinning this earth, moving the stars and animating our bodies. The yogi (inner seeker) endeavors to deepen our connection with this reality of spirit, Oneness, Original Creation. And being kept at home, we have time to do just that!

For the pulse of Creation Itself runs through us, the true, undying Reality, that which doesn’t change, speaking to us of a realm of possibility and love that runs deeper than the TV and the media, and the tyranny, and the programming of the ‘someone else’s idea of reality’ 3D world. 

That which is permanent, is Reality. That which is impermanent, is illusion. Many folks have set their foundation on things which in a short time, have crumbled and disappointed them. If  the virus has been teaching us anything, it is to learn to distinguish between these two parallel worlds for our own sake and the sake of our world!

It is also teaching us about a life with no sugar coatings, a life of love, truth and yes, hardship, a life of REALITY in the One. The virus is a 'bitter pill' for most as it is disrupting our sugar coated ‘reality’ where everything is ‘supposed’ to be alright.

The world is suffering from a disease of ‘sweetness.’ But the ‘bitter pill’ is good medicine and perhaps the antidote to the ’sweetness of more’ disease, a disease of consumerism, a disease of always wanting, needing, more! “When I have this, then I will be satisfied, then it will be okay!” 

The virus is inoculating us against ‘other peoples’ version of reality: it is teaching humankind to think for ourselves if we want a ‘better’ life. Because only as Consciousness changes, can the outer world, a reflection of consciousness, change.

Imagine not wanting one thing else! Where would we have to go within ourselves to get to that depth? Beyond wanting and doing, to BEING, which is our natural state. Which was unfortunately hijacked by the ‘sweetness of more’ teachings long, long ago.

And now, an antidote has been delivered to us. Enter, CV-19! Because in a sense, we have always had a pandemic: a pandemic of callousness, of desensitization, of horror, of control, of environmental degradation, of war. Now this so-called ‘pandemic,’ has come as a tool to wake us up from the 'illusion,' from all the other pandemics we have been living with while calling them ‘normal,’ while saying they are 'Reality' when they are someone else’s reality: not ours, not yours if you choose differently: choose the 'inner reality' of truth, and then choose to live in into being in this world! 

These older pandemics are not reality. There is only One Reality, The Quantum Field Love Of God Reality: The Pure Diamond, Platinum, Crystal, Solar Light Of Infinite Intelligence Original Creation Reality! 

This reality may have been shrouded from our eyes, but it is still ever present, and It has never left us. All we have to do is journey deep within ourselves and find It!

And as we do, the outer Reality changes to adjust to those principles and laws governing all Creation. And they are founded and based and stem from things like Unconditional Love and Forgiveness.

As we deepen our inner connection with 'The Absolute' through prayer, meditation, yoga, breathing, affirmation, visualization, studying, etc., then we are no longer subject to Newtonian Laws of Time and Space that govern the 3D world. Instead we rise into and become children of, adepts of The Quantum Laws of Love which include Grace, Serendipity, Providence, Synchronicity and Miracles!

So, the short of it is: if you are worried in these times, “How will I live? How will I be provided for?” Here is the answer! For The One Reality provides for all Its Children, through a kind of parallel, magical, invisible ‘network’ Reality, concurrent with this one, which, through faith and Divine Synchronicity, miraculously creates and manifests all manner of seen and unforeseen good for those who take the time to learn from this sequestered time, to distinguish the parts of it that are ‘someone else’s version of reality,’ and to connect with the unchanging REALITY that lies within. To become a person, of LOVE! We’re being put under great pressure, and turning into Diamond Crystals of Love! We are being INOCULATED AGAINST NOT BEING OURSELVES ANYMORE! ~xomk~


For one on one coaching to learn how to connect with the Unchanging Reality Within, please contact Marque Germain: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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