Archangel Zadkiel


Let’s talk about Archangel Zadkiel today. He’s not one of the most common archangels. He’s one that a lot of people are unaware of, which is why he came into my space today. So, my intuition tells me that means, for all of us, we’ve got a little forgiveness work to do!

Archangel Zadkiel is the angel of forgiveness. He also helps us with mercy and benevolence.

Benevolence is kindness.

Forgiveness … that can be many types … of course, we’ve got forgiveness of others; forgiveness of our past; forgiveness of decisions; forgiveness of other people and what they’ve done or not done.

Then we’ve got forgiveness of ourselves; forgiveness of our choices; forgiveness of maybe sometimes just our way of seeing things.

So Zadkiel can help you with that. You can invite Archangel Zadkiel’s energy in to support you in forgiveness. Now, the way that I look at forgiveness is forgiveness to me is giving the energy back – not from a place of anger – but if you’re carrying energy from an old circumstance or situation –  blame, hatred, negative energy with someone, whatever – giving that energy back, releasing the energy and not holding it any longer. Giving it back to the universe, giving it back to the person – so that they can transmute it themselves.

I think that is a much better way to move through life than it is to carry energy from life experiences, choices, circumstances that have happened in your life and have you continue to just stew on it or use it as an excuse for not moving forward in your life.

So first I’m going to just share a few little bits information about Archangel Zadkiel: Archangel Zadkiel vibrates to the color violet / purple. If you wanted to connect with him via using a stone, it would be amethyst. You could do fluorite as well – really any purple stone. But he vibrates to the color violet, and his energy is going to be about helping you to release and forgive yourself and/or others.

Now, a lot of times when we talk about forgiveness, people have a list of other people that they say I need to forgive. They have this whole big list of people in their head. What I find most of the time, having worked with people for so many years, is that most people – when we’re talking about forgiveness – the person you’ve got to forgive is yourself.

And when you actually forgive yourself and you do the work internally with you and the parts that you are holding onto and carrying … then automatically the forgiveness happens with others as well.

So, Archangel Zadkiel is the Angel of forgiveness, mercy, and benevolence and the invocation for Archangel Zadkiel is: I invoke the energy of Archangel Zadkiel. I ask you to surround me in your light of forgiveness and mercy. Please help me to soften my heart so that I may forgive myself and help support me in releasing my pain, bitterness, and negativity. And so it is.

So that is the basic Archangel Zadkiel invocation. You can always add to it, like if you know who you’re wanting to forgive; or even within yourself, if you know what situation has really got a grasp on you right now, then certainly you can specifically ask for support in that particular area.

But I find that a lot of times in people it’s more a generalization. It’s more about, “I know I’ve got some forgiveness work to do.” I know that I’m not loving myself to the level that I could … so I need to forgive myself for these past choices.

I’d like to share one of my experiences and where I worked with Archangel Zadkiel that has really helped me. And of course, it’s important to remember, I think, forgiveness comes in layers. We can only do what we can do at any given time based on the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that we have.

So, if we’re not very aware … and there are a lot of people that are completely unaware – not bad people, just unaware – and when you’re not aware, you don’t have the awareness to be able to recognize how maybe your ways of being might affect other people. So, you can simply just be unaware … and when you start stepping into awareness and begin to recognize the ripple effect of you and your way of living on other people or on you and your decisions … and then you begin seeing how they’re affecting your life in ways that maybe you don’t want any longer. So, we begin from there.

And then for me, it was an awareness that I couldn’t do it alone. I didn’t know how to start.

Where do you begin?

I made a list of all of the people that I felt like I needed to forgive … that I knew I had some energy around or some stuff with … and some of that was really old stuff. So, I made my list and I looked at the list and I was trying to decide where do I even start? Do you start with the person that was the hardest to forgive? Do you start with the person that is the easiest to forgive? Like really? Where do you start?

And so, for me, there were so many people on my list that I thought, “Oh, I’m just going to start with myself.” So that’s what I did.

I started with myself.

So, for you, what I would suggest is if you have a situation that you always go back to … that you’re always bitter about … if there are lots of conversations where somebody is talking about something or that somebody that did this wrong and you always bring this person up … then you’ve got some forgiveness work to do.

So, if there’s a circumstance, a situation, or a person that you are really aware of that really affects your energy, then you might choose that person.

But if you don’t have a clear-cut person, then go ahead and just choose yourself. Because I’m sure you’re going to have plenty in that area to work with.

And so, for me, where my forgiveness work started was with myself. What I needed to forgive, that I was really struggling with at that time, was when I got out of my relationship with my son’s birth father. I had two-year-old when I very first started the forgiveness work, and I realized that I need to forgive myself for being in the situation that I was in and for bringing a child into the world in the way that I did. I was as teenage mom; he was an alcoholic. He didn’t work. I was on food stamps and welfare. I couldn’t make it; I needed help from my parents.

And where my guilt, where my real regret was for myself, was that I chose that.

It wasn’t a conscious choice; I didn’t plan to have a baby – but what I chose was a risk. And I chose that risk. And in choosing that … and then having a child … and then having the type of birth father that he had  … and the environment that he grew up in the first two and a half years of his life … I felt really guilty.

And so, my forgiveness needed to come with #1: my choice of fathers for a child, which obviously I wasn’t thinking about that … but I still needed to take the responsibility and say if you’re going to lay down, you may have a baby … and in my case, I was on birth control, but I also had strep throat and took antibiotics … thus the baby.

So that’s what I was facing. I had this child whose father was not there – he wasn’t capable of being present, because he was an addict. He was an alcoholic. He was a good guy. He wasn’t a bad guy, but he was an addict. He couldn’t get himself together to be able to be steady in his work or even in his passions. And it affected us, and we struggled in a lot of different ways. And I always felt guilty for bringing my son into that environment … because at that time, he didn’t have a father in his life, and I knew that was my responsibility. So, I was the parent in both ways.

And so, my challenge was how do you forgive yourself for something like that? How do you forgive yourself for literally the choice that created this child?

And so, what Spirit said to me is that I needed to focus on the gifts. I needed to find the gifts in the experience. And of course, the gift that I could find is that I had this beautiful child, and that was the gift. Like he was my gift.

But I needed to be able to look at the circumstance and the situation and instead of feeling guilty; instead of feeling resentful; instead of being angry with the father for not being who I thought he could be, or who I wanted him to be, I needed to just be in gratitude and appreciation for the gift that came from it.

What is the value in the experience? That is what Archangel Zadkiel helped me to discover.

He helped me to move through to where I’m a very easily forgiving person.

I think that a lot of us struggle with that part of ourselves that says, “ I want to fix this person, or I want to fix the situation.” And then we feel guilty when we can’t do it. And we need to forgive ourselves for that. And we also need to forgive the person or the people that we expected to be different than they were.

Can you relate to any of that?

That is a challenge I see a lot.

How many of you got into relationships with a project? It was a project for you. You’re going to get them healthier. You’re going to get them better. That could be a friendship, or it could be an intimate relationship. And that was the case for me.

So, when I started working with Zadkiel, he was able to help me to see the bigger picture, to focus on the gift, to take the value of the experience and not take all the pain of the experience … because that was there too. And it was a long journey.

But each time that I felt the guilt or the shame or the frustration, if I found the value instead, then I could flip it. So, I could see the value. And then I’d say, “I’m so grateful that I have this child in my life.”

He’s been a beautiful blessing and amazing teacher in my life. And that is the value.

And so Zadkiel was able to help me to find the value and to release the bitterness, the anger, the resentment, the pain, the trauma, the drama – all of those things – by finding the value in the experience.

So, I want you to think about a situation or a circumstance in your life that you tend to hold energy with right now … that you’re still holding onto. It could have happened 25 years ago, but you’re still holding it. Maybe it’s within you; maybe it’s somebody else; or some circumstance or situation that you have not been able to release totally. Maybe you’ve done layers of letting go, which we can only do what we can do – you are only where you are, and you only know what you know – but when you know better, you gotta do better, right?

So, if you can start to think about that for just a minute, can you find the gift in the experience?

Can you see the value in the experience? Can you find the silver lining in the darkness, in the clouds?

And if you can’t, you’ve got to dig a little harder because nothing is ever one way or the other. We’re not in an all or nothing world … we’re in a very much this and that kind of world. It’s very, very rarely this or that. Very rarely. So, can you think about it … feel into a person, a circumstance, a situation that you know you’ve got some forgiveness work to do internally within yourself or with somebody else. And can you find the gift? Can you find the experience in the situation?

So again, Zadkiel vibrates to the color violet. He represents forgiveness, mercy, and benevolence. Use the invocation to ask for his help in finding those answers. He can help you in all situations, large and small.

You deserve to release that energy from the past … and embrace the gifts that have come from it.

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