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Are You A Feeler?

intuition Are You A Feeler?

While there are a wide variety of psychic abilities, I often focus on the three most popular: clairvoyance (“clear seeing”), clairaudience (“clear hearing”), and clairsentience (“clear feeling”). It’s quite natural that some of you already know where your core psychic strengths lie. For example, if you think your individual psychic aptitude is to become a feeler, then you should work to strengthen your clairsentience before you start developing your other psychic senses.

I’ve noticed that many students who participate in my workshops start off with the belief that clairvoyance (I’m seeing or being shown) is the best ways to receive psychic information. However, being a good clairsentient (I’m feeling or sensing) can also produce excellent results.

Clairsentience is the inner-sense of knowing. This is one of the more familiar intuitive senses, and it’s probably the easiest one to develop and access.

Let’s say you’re introduced to someone for the first time at a social gathering, and you immediately get that feeling of discomfort or uneasiness. It’s not so hard to grasp what you’re sensing. You just know you’re not really going to bond with that person. It’s a gut reaction, but we tend to rationalize it by telling ourselves that we probably won’t have anything in common with them.

What’s actually happening is that you’re receiving thoughts and feelings from that person’s aura, which are then transmitted through your solar plexus chakra, which is in the abdomen area. This results in what we so often call that “gut feeling,” which in this case is a form of clairsentience.

Are you clairaudient? Take some time to answer the following 6 questions. Each yes is a strong indicator of your clairsentience:

  1. Are your feelings easily hurt?
  2. When meeting someone, do you intuitively know when something’s wrong, even though they appear to be happy?
  3. When you’re driving, do you instinctively sense when you should take a particular route, only to find out later that there was a terrible traffic jam on your original route?
  4. Are you the person who everyone goes to when they’re feeling down, or when they need to get something off their chest?
  5. When you walk into a room do you just feel whether the placement of the furniture is correct or not?
  6. Have you noticed people are simply drawn to you? Do people often come up to you and ask for directions? Also, when you’re shopping in a store, do people think you’re an employee and ask you questions?


People are naturally drawn to clairsentients. If you’re clairsentient, it’s likely that you’ll pick up other people’s emotions, whether happy or sad. If your temperament is usually one of an upbeat personality, and for some inexplicable reason you start feeling down (even though there’s nothing happening around you to cause this), try approaching it from a different angle. Instead of wondering, “What is wrong with me?” ask yourself, “Who is wrong with me?” You’re probably tuning in to feelings or vibrations from someone else, without even knowing it. Your psychic ability can and wants to help.

Do you have specific questions for me about being clairsentient? Feel free to ask them in the comments section on my Facebook page. Or better yet, let’s talk more about it on my Spirit Connections radio show.

Live a Soul-filled life!

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