Are You Grateful for YOU?


At Thanksgiving time, many people reflect on what they are grateful for. They often say things like family, home, work, health, and friends.

Gratitude opens our heart and raises our vibration to the realm of love, joy, and abundance. Feeling grateful feels fabulous.

However, if you take a moment to look internally, how grateful are you for YOU? What do you like about being you? What personal qualities do you appreciate about yourself? What have you done this past year that you’re proud of?

Most of us have an inner bully who drags us down with self-criticism. The inner bully would never dream of praising us! The inner bully loves to remind us of our faults and all the things we do “wrong” and could have done better. This brings us down into a vibration of shame, which is the lowest vibration we can experience. Shame weighs us down and blocks the flow of creativity, love, joy, and abundance.

Self-gratitude counteracts your inner bully. It helps you take your power back from your inner bully. Instead, you can raise your vibration and uplift yourself with gratitude for you. Self-gratitude is an important part of self-love and true inner confidence. There is no shame in recognizing and celebrating your outstanding qualities. You deserve to hear nice things from yourself! Plus, when you shine, you inspire others to shine.

Here is an example of a self-gratitude list that I recently wrote.

I'm grateful that:

  • I am joyful. Even when things are challenging, I still come back to joy.
  • I like to learn new things and have new adventures
  • I am brave. I sold my home and embraced a nomadic lifestyle filled with travel!
  • I've learned how to ASK for what I need. When I need a hug, I now feel empowered to ASK for one (or I give myself one) 
  • For the first time ever, I’ve manifested everything on my vision board this year
  • I made time to write my book, which I had been wanting to do for years
  • I love to help others
  • I like to dance and have fun 

What about you? What do you appreciate about yourself?

Are you willing to write your self-gratitude list? If so, write at least 5-10 reasons that you are grateful for yourself. Include things that you like about being you, personal qualities, things you feel proud of, and things you have accomplished this past year. Notice how much lighter you feel as you write the list.

If you’re up for it, get into a practice of regularly offering yourself praise and gratitude, rather than criticism. Notice what a huge difference it makes in your life!

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy being grateful for everyone and everything in your life, including YOU. 

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