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Are YOU Intuitive?

intuition Are YOU Intuitive?

To be intuitive or psychic is not only something we naturally possess — it’s also a way of being. This natural soul ability is not purely limited to transcended masters or to people who have devoted a lifetime of both studying and practicing meditation. It’s not about fortune-telling, crystal balls, or predicting the future.


In fact, we’re all using these special abilities most of the time, even though many of us never realize it. Take a moment to consider these questions:


  • Have you ever just thought of someone and then by coincidence, you run into them later that day?
  • Can you sense the mood of someone even before you meet them?
  • Have you ever had a hunch that you didn’t follow through, only to regret it later because it turned out to be correct?
  • Was there a time when you were talking to someone on the phone, and even though they sounded fine, you just knew that something was wrong?
  • Have you ever known the outcome of a situation or an event before it happened?
  • Can you walk into a room and tell what the atmosphere is like instantly?
  • Do so-called coincidences and synchronicities keep happening in your life?


How many questions did you answer yes to? These are just a few examples of what being intuitive or psychic is all about. It’s a sense of an inner-awareness that can be quite subtle. Of course, I urge you to keep your feet firmly on the ground as it’s not always overly dramatic like you see in the movies!


       JOHN'S LESSON                                                                                                  


Intuition is the language of the soul. I believe it is what keeps us connected to God, Divine Source, Spirit, call it what you will.


Since it is a natural part of us, and our birthright, you should understand how it works and use it!  Making time for activities that contribute to your spiritual growth and psychic development is not a sign of selfishness. By doing so, it can have a major impact on your overall well-being and spiritual vitality. Spending time to focus on your soul’s needs enables you to nurture yourself and expand your spiritual boundaries.


Therefore, for just one week I encourage you to do things that are uncharacteristic for you. In other words, things that you wouldn’t normally do. During this week, surrender and trust your intuitive psychic abilities completely.


  • If you feel that you’ve always wanted to have lunch with someone at work but never made the effort, then make this week the time to ask.
  • If you feel drawn to call a relative who you’ve not spoken to in a long time, then make time this week to call them.
  • If there’s a road that you’ve always wanted to drive down on your way home from work but never did, then drive down that road!
  • Is there a book that you’ve always wanted to read? Place an order this week or make time to visit the bookstore.
  • If you’re drawn to a certain class or workshop, then at least inquire about it.


You know what I’m trying to say. I want you to trust and follow your gut, use all your intuitive senses. After doing this for one week, don’t forget to journal any new discoveries or revelations that resulted by following your inner guidance.


Sometimes, when you follow the prompts from your soul, it could easily lead to other opportunities. This amazing exercise will teach you how the flow of intuition runs through you and works for you. What I’m trying to do here is to get you to live intuitively and less analytically. Go for it!


I’m hearing the word “intuition” a lot these past couple of years and that’s why I had to include intuitive and psychic unfoldment in my latest book: Bridging Two Realms – Learn To Communicate With Your Loved Ones On The Other-Side.


We all experience intuition in different ways. Some feel it in their gut, some hear a inner-voice, or some will as see a certain image or symbol.


As you learn to reawaken and develop your natural intuitive ability, whether its clairsentience (to feel), clairvoyance (to see), or clairaudience (to hear), please remember to stay grounded and balanced. When these abilities are properly developed, they can greatly assist you in all areas of your life, including your spiritual development. Most important, it should be a wonderful experience and journey as you discover and build up your intuitive psychic senses.


Flex those intuitive muscles! The more you use them, the stronger they’ll get.


Live a Soul-filled life!


Learn to Communicate with your Loved Ones on the Other-Side

"Your soul is constantly sending you messages of healing and guidance in the form of signs and symbols. 
Once you learn to recognize these messages, and act on them ... a whole new world will open up for you!" 

JOHN HOLLAND - Spiritual Teacher & Psychic Medium 

Bridging Two Realms: Learn to Communicate with Your Loved Ones on the Other-Side

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