It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Are You Ready to Stop Being Overwhelmed?


As many of you know, my passion is to bring all tools and resources you need to help you awaken your wealth. I’ve put together a toolbox, I go live regularly on my Facebook, and I’m continually referring to other experts and resources for you to truly awaken every aspect of your wealth. Because real wealth is about more than just money.

It’s so important to understand that money can only be the result of everything else happening in your life. Right now, many of us are going through a season of overwhelm, which is why I think it’s hugely important to share that my dear friend, Christine Arylo, has just come out with her new book: Overwhelmed & Over It. 

So get ready to get over your overwhelm because it’s time for us to finally start living from our heart’s space.

Why We’re Overwhelmed

Most of us can easily say that we’re feeling overwhelmed in our lives today, but instead of melting into what Christine calls the “super person sob moment,” we ought to take a stand. Just like the subtitle of Christine’s book says, let’s embrace your power to stay centered and sustained in this chaotic world.

And we truly have so much chaos going on these days. With a pandemic, an economic crisis, a stressful election, and so much else, it’s understandable to feel burned out. If you feel as though you’re overwhelmed, overstretched, or simply sacrificing yourself in far too many ways, know that it’s not your fault. There are layers and layers that have been building up in your life, in society, and in the world for the last decades, setting all of us up for this overwhelm.

Many of us have been chasing and chasing, sacrificing our time, and filling our schedules trying to keep up with the expectations of our lives rather than following what our hearts want. In the words of Christine, “We’ve become so resilient that we’ve become tolerant.”  We’ve become tolerant of overwhelm, stress, and the exhausting chase to fill our time with what society tells us to fill it with. 

It’s time for a breakthrough.

How to Break Through

The things that we’ve learned to tolerate in our lives–a job we don’t like, a relationship that is unfulfilling, a house with a mortgage that’s weighing us down, and so much else–aren’t things we actually want to tolerate. And yet we’ve become tolerant of it all regardless because this is how we’ve been taught to be.

The issue on top of all this is that we often don’t see any other way to be since we’re so very busy. We’ve been too busy with our packed schedules, crippling bills, and forced expectations to take a second to look around and ask ourselves, “Why am I working this way? Why is this the schedule for my kid’s school? Why am I stuck in this overwhelming routine that I don’t like?”

To solve this overwhelming cycle, we need to get to the root of what’s actually going on. We need to get to the heart of the issue. Rather than constantly looking outwards to fill our time, bank accounts, and ego, we need to turn inwards and examine our hearts. I always talk about the fact that we live in a hologram: whatever is actually going on inside ourselves is why the outside shows up the way it is. So if you want your external world to change, you’ve got to go to the inside and change it first. 

Overwhelmed and Over It

I believe that Overwhelmed and Over it is exactly what so many women in the world actually need today. We need support, something that confirms what we’re going through, and someone to help unpack all the things in our brains and help meet our breakthrough. We need this breakthrough, this crack in our armor, to allow all of the genuine things inside us to blossom and become what we are meant to be. I hope you’ll find that Christine’s book serves as this support, and I would encourage you to give it a read. 

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