Are You Willing to Choose Love Right Now?


2021 is a year of movement—and it’s a wave you want to catch! We’ve all been paddling on our etheric surfboards for the past nine months and something is getting ready to birth. Perhaps you can’t quite see or feel it yet, but rest assured it’s happening…

In these times that may feel shaky and unstable, I want to share an option you can consciously choose in this moment…. Because you get to choose in each moment how you use your energies, resources and time. 

This year is the perfect time to choose to step into your greater Self, because that is what humanity needs right now. For each of us to show up as our magnificence. For each of us to choose to stay in a place of loving possibility.

Rather than our tendency to push the discomfort away—to create distraction or become unfocused by what is unfolding “out there,” we must choose to go inward into the core Truth of who we are. Because we are not separate. We are a part of humanity and this is what humanity does. This tendency for a “contraction” or anchoring of energies out-pictures in various ways. We are experiencing an increase in domestic violence, in pandemic cases, in overdrinking or overeating, and in a lot of abrasiveness in the world that’s coming up and out as we try to deal with the pain or issues. 

It is a good thing that it is coming up and out. 

Many of you have asked, what can I do to support the evolution of consciousness that is birthing? One way is for us to discover how to hold space for everything, because it truly does have a ballast in, and a balancing effect on, what is rising up for so many. 

The frustrations and angst that are rising are energies that have been stored on the inside. They have been able to be stored and packed in, because life was so busy on the outside. Our attention was so focused on the “outer” that we were able to override and suppress those uncomfortable energies “inside.” Yet when we override those energies, they can’t dissolve or flow. All emotions are equal. We have simply labeled some as more comfortable, more desirable, than others.

For us to be whole, to resonate and hold space for everything from a place of love as the solution, those uncomfortable energies need to dissolve. We need to choose to move beyond operating from a place of survivorship. Which is what we know and how we show up in the world, until we don’t. 

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in more than survivorship. You are interested in the creative presence on the planet birthing a new version of humanity, which is truly happening. As we land in the truth, life starts to change. 

We evolve as we hold space for people to come together in peaceful conversation. We need to stay in our hearts so that we don’t go into our heads and write stories…so instead of thinking, “Something or someone is wrong,” simply allow it to be. Rather claim, “I am not aligned with what is happening and I choose love, which includes every possibility.” Trust your heart. Stay in your heart and in love.

When we experience such a ripple on the surface, like what is happening right now, it is the perfect opportunity for us to drop into the truth, the Essence of who we really are, and allow something to birth. 

We have a better chance of birthing something new in the midst of a ripple and a wobble, because previously, we thought we knew what we were doing. Humanity thought “We’ve got this. We’re making life happen.” Until the unexpected happened and a lot of people realized, “I don’t have it quite as together as I thought.” 

Creating your life experience is what you are here to do

Remember we are the creator of our life experience. When you land in your core, you have a foundation from which to move. Every time you remember to squeeze the four anchor points and central channel breathe—you are anchored and powerful. It’s as if you’re pushing off from the bottom of the pool instead of simply treading water. 

When we align in the core and move from there, it is piercing. A cutting of the densest layers of energy happens and you tear a slit in the density. It literally separates and softens in the presence of You as the True Self. And You emerge through that slit. Picture Swiss Cheese because there is permeability, the holes, and substance, the wedge of cheese. 

We currently have the opportunity to make this network of energies, this structure that is available to all of humanity, permeable. There needs to be substance and structure for humanity to operate, as a collective and in individual cultures around the world, and to also find collaborative ways. The way for healing to happen is for the sheath, of the collective or the individual, to become permeable, so that certain frequencies can get through.

As you “gather yourself” together, you emanate. This anchoring in the core stabilizes us. Then as we discover how to allow and focus this energy so that it is foremost in our life, the Self naturally emanates and radiates from us. This affects people down the street or on the other side of the globe. People who don’t know there’s an option and, are instead, caught in the surface experience of what’s going on. 

You are automatically a healer

While you can do this by intention and connecting, there is a specific way to allow this emanation that is exponentially more effective so that you truly direct healing energies in ways that are needed. 

We know when we sincerely try to heal people or to send energy over there—those efforts do work, but they are fractional compared to what is possible when you are aligned in at-one-ment. When you try to connect, you have to back out of being connected, and now you’ve created separation trying to connect.

You are connectivity itself. When you be your True Self, there’s nothing that can possibly happen but connection. It’s simply going to happen. 

The more you try to find a vibration of healing, the less likely you are to discover it. When you are trying, it cannot happen. All you can do is focus. But you can’t try. But you already know how to focus, so focus on certain energies, vibrations, or radio stations, like love, and you set the system up so that the system can do what is built to do. 

Simply be the authentic Self and allow this energy to do what it’s here to do.

I would love for you to visualize that You have an effect every time you step into something that you wouldn’t have before. That includes you allowing You to be a healer. Because being a healer is your true Essence. 

You have (or are learning) the tools…connect with the earth, central channel breath, four anchor points…and know, this is a lifetime moment to choose love. The lifetime conversation, “Would I rather be right, or would I rather choose love?” is magnified right now. 

The more we choose to walk as love, the more we are a part of the solution.

When you align, come into the body, have an intention for the highest good for all, and start to work with the central channel, animating your tissues in this vibration, you are the perfect push off point for energy to emanate, to get to the surface and to other people, without effort. 

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