It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Be in a Constant State of Discovery... Our Life Is the Divine Unfolding

Why look for God?…. 
Look for the one looking for God… 
but then Why look at all?… 
He is not lost… 
He is right here…  
~ Rumi

As many of you know, my life—both personal and professional—is focused on the conscious journey. And I am sure that it’s the same for most of you, too.

But what does this really mean?

And maybe more importantly, what does the conscious journey look like and how does it feel?

For me, it’s about being present with the moment at hand, be it comfortable or uncomfortable, exciting or ordinary. It’s about being in surrender to Divine Life as it flows through me.

It’s all about being in a constant state of discovery.

I ran across an article the other day about a “new discovery.” The headline read: YInMn Blue, the First Shade of Blue Discovered in 200 Years, Is Now Available for Artists. 

I was intrigued and read further. Seems that in 2009, Andrew Smith—a graduate student at Oregon State University—was heating manganese oxide to high temperatures and exploring its electronic properties. What emerged from the furnace was “a brilliant blue compound - a blue that Mas Subramania [project lead scientist] knew immediately was a research breakthrough.”

From everything I understand to be true about the Divine, that which human beings see as “new” is, in actuality, simply a revealing of Divine Mind, of the Field, of God.

For us, that new something looks, sounds, or feels like something we personally or collectively haven’t come across before. Those moments of discovery are exciting, enthralling, and enlivening!

What I’d like to propose is that we can be in a constant state of discovery, because there is something to discover in every moment. 

Our human life experience IS the Divine unfolding.

Sometimes we think that being in surrender to Divine Life is some kind of sacrifice. That we’ll have to give up “me,” but from my own experience I can tell you the opposite is true.

In surrender, more of “me” comes through. Life moves through the Steve Farrell aspect of Divinity and uses the unique, special skills and abilities of this personality in service to Love and in service to Divine Life.

There is diversity in Unity, and each one of us plays our beautiful part. 

I invite you to examine how your day looks and feels when you remain fully aware that Life is moving through the Divine aspect known as “you,” and then “open your eyes” to be in a constant state of discovery.



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