It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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I write from observation, not imagination. Most of my writing is one page at a time, with only one to five words per line. The structure can look like poetry but has more to do with the physical limitations of a handwritten page and my desire to emphasize multiple meanings.

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How does it feel to be with a precious Beloved companion? No matter how far away, how close can you feel to someone near to your heart?

My words are only a reflection of the song my heart sings.
I delight in the beauty of love recognized.

One line is often all I need to capture an idea.


The samples here were all written in under twelve minutes. A testament to what can happen when the mind and heart work together.


Is too small a word
For the way I feel
With you

Comes closer

Gratitude it is a bigger word
Maybe not complete
But it feels good

Are nice words.

They reflect
My happiness
In your presence

There is no way to name
An infinite experience

What it is
cannot be described
In a word or even 1,000 words

With all my heart
What makes love real
It is mutual

Love is a Small Word
©9-16-17 Will Hale – Tadpole Parade

Written for my friend who has said many times,
“I love you with all my heart and thank you for loving me.”



Love’s garden of divine expression grows within you
A twisting vine forever growing toward the light
a wise mind grounded in the substance of life

With your full potential rising in every breath
Now awaken in joyous transformation
Realizing you are no longer only a vine
But also a flower

Your fragrance blesses the world
As your beauty enlightens all hearts

The expression of Love through you is radiant and complete
Doing and being only what is natural
Your elegance is Life’s fulfillment
Balanced in the glorious truth
You are as God created you
No more and no less

The Fruit Of Love
©1995 Will Hale – Tadpole Parade



Filled with the delight of our union
Mirrors reflecting back on each other into infinity
Sharing in our surrender to be no more or less than all we are

There is no greater Love, than the Love I feel with you
Words cannot express the richness in our hearts

There is no “greater” Love
Love is Love regardless of the form it takes
True Love does not come in shades and degrees
But shines with equal intensity for all who recognize it
By design, Love is not of our making, it is the fruit of our creation

Let my eyes speak to you the words I cannot say
Thank you, Beloved Companion
“In you there is no greater Love”

No Greater Love
©3-20-2000 Will Hale – Tadpole Parade


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Please feel free to contact me anytime with comments or questions.
Thank you! Will Hale

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