Best Spiritual Plant Gifts for Happiness and Peace

Best Spiritual Plant Gifts for Happiness and Peace

Spirituality is a great way to grow as a person and become more in tune with your highest self. Therefore, faith, mindfulness and a peaceful lifestyle are generally the best ways to achieve inner peace and happiness in your day-to-day life. However, nature plays an enormous role here. This is why indoor plants can be so beneficial to your mental health. So if you’re like that, or you have someone special who is into spirituality, here are the best plant gifts that will make them happy.

Aloe vera plant

Aloe vera plants (sometimes also called aloe succulents) are perfect decor pieces if you don’t have enough space for larger plants. This magical plant originates from Arabian Peninsula, And as for spirituality, they’re one of the best gifts from nature. The aloe extract has healing and is used for treating a wide variety of health issues, both physical and mental. Since aloe vera thrives even in the most difficult circumstances, this is why it’s often used as a symbol of resilience.


Lavender is one of those plants that promote peacefulness, good sleep and inner joy. It is also believed to eliminate toxins, improve blood pressure and reduce stress. Some people like to use it to manage depression, which is why lavender is considered a beautiful spiritual plant in many cultures, from Australia to Greece. Besides, the smell is just gorgeous, and it can repel mosquitoes, which is a win-win during summer. If you know someone who has sleeping issues, then lavender will help them calm down and fall into a peaceful sleep.


Monstera, also known as Fruit salad plant or Swiss cheese, is a gorgeous indoor plant that is easy to maintain, plus also very lush. Besides, monstera has amazing healing properties, and it’s also believed to bring luck. Now, in spirituality gratitude is crucial as it teaches you to be humble and happy with what you have. And the best way to express gratitude to someone you love is to give them a present. If you or your loved one live in New South Wales, or nearby, then check out the best plant gift in Sydney, especially Monstera and similar plants. Your special someone who enjoys spiritual practices will benefit a lot from a wonderful monstera plant gift.


Thyme is used in church services among Christian Orthodox believers, but aside from that, it is also used in other spiritual practices. Including thyme as a gift is a great idea, as it helps bring good luck and also fights negative energy in one’s home. It’s also a great insect repeller and cleans aura, so it is safe to say that thyme has numerous benefits which is why it is a perfect gift for any spiritual plant lover, regardless if you want to woo them or just show them that you care.


Originating from China, bamboo is a multipurpose plant that has so many benefits for one’s wellbeing. It is also widely used as a furniture-making material. Just like thyme, it is believed to be lucky, as it brings health, love, and happiness to one’s household. However, it is also important to be kept in at least one inch of freshwater. If you are looking to gift someone with a plant that symbolizes wealth and luck, then bamboo is a great choice.

Jade plant

This beautiful plant is characterized by lovely pink flowers, which makes it a very aesthetic gift regardless of spiritual preferences. However, it’s important to mention that the jade plant is more than its appearance: it is also low-maintenance, and a lovely addition to your indoor garden. There are also mental health benefits to it. It reduces stress and uplifts mood. Some believe that this plant should be kept at the entrance or at the back door.


Gifting a plant to someone who is spiritual is a lovely way to honor and appreciate their beliefs, while also helping them improve their wellbeing. These plants are great suggestions, as they bring luck, inner peace and happiness.

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