Birthing “The New” In The Midst Of A Wobble


Are you curious about wholeness and true healing? 

Do you desire to “heal” something for it physical, mental, financial, or maybe a relationship? Do you have a desire to support people you love, the planet, or shifts happening for humanity right now?  

It's a common desire...the desire to heal. It's what we've so often been taught—something needs fixing. The truth is, you, we, are already whole. There is nothing to heal. 

The frustrations and the angst that continue to rise for so many are energies that have been stored on the inside—packed away in the subconscious. We were previously able to override those energies that felt uncomfortable, any sense of dis-ease. However, overriding those energies doesn't dissolve or integrate them to reveal wholeness or resonance. 

For wholeness to happen, we have to land in the Soulful Self, in the truth of who we actually are.  

Now is the perfect opportunity for us to drop into the True Essence and allow something else to birth. We have a better chance of birthing “the new” in the midst of a wobble than any other time because we are more available than previously, when we thought we knew what we were doing. 

We, humanity, often think we know what is happening. Then something unexpected happens and many of us realize we really don't have it quite as together as we thought. When we realize at the level of the protective personality, “I really don't have it all together,” we have the opportunity to make a different choice in the moment. 

This is the way for healing to happen. When we embrace, with loving presence and compassion, what is, the sheath of the protective personality becomes permeable, so that certain frequencies can get through. Those are the healing frequencies, no matter what those energies are. We need them all to be whole.

As energies are embraced, they integrate; wholeness reveals, and as a byproduct we heal and can share that vibration of healing with others. 

Allow yourself to know you already experience the energies required for remote healing. You simply might not know how to arrange and work with them together, in an order that builds as it’s designed too, so that you can truly direct healing energies in ways that are needed.

As Dr. Sue says, the Energy Codes enable you to “build a set of circuitry so you can live from deep, intuitive space, always guiding your life from a higher vibrational frequency.” If you’re ready to take full ownership of the energy that you ARE…


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