Blessing the Past = Blissing the Future

Blessing the Past = Blissing the Future

As I get ready to leave for OraclePalooza, (our new event brand launching in Orlando Florida- Harry Potter here I come!), I am sitting here going over one of the exercises we will be doing that refer to a synchronicity timeline to remind us how Spirit is always showing up.

All my work now is about helping empower people to have a clear connection to the Conscious Universe and to maximize their potential as a result. I am the most fortunate woman to have let go the obstacles and stopped trying so hard to find my purpose so my true purpose could find me.

That is the point .. purpose finds us.. We don’t have to go seeking it.

Oracle cards are my instrument of choice and the method through which I teach but ultimately they are only a tool, a mirror, an entry point.

We have to do the work. The magic is inside us and we sometimes have to dig deep to find it, claim it and liberate ourselves from the conditioning that keeps us trapped in a muggle universe ( or for those who don’t care about Harry Potter- a narrow focus of disconnectedness, separation, competition and scarcity).

We are magic. Made of it, connected to it and to each other and most importantly in partnership with the Divine Matrix through which Spirit weaves the Dream into being.

We are the Dream and the dreamers.

It occurred to me that the hardest thing any of us have to do is to release the past in order to move into a new self in the future. And, that all happens in the here and now to be effective.

I’m thinking of all the difficult things that brought me here. How important they were in my personal growth. How when I began this journey and had no idea how I would make ends meet, and financial poverty taught me what true prosperity meant, how choosing lovers to dance with my wound eventually taught me what true love could look like, and how trying and failing to fit in and never belonging where I thought would be best for me led me to a real and raw authenticity that connected me to the essence of belonging in ways I cannot even begin to describe.

When I remember that God is the Source of my supply, the path is laid open to me one step at a time. It’s hard work bringing the wounded ego into alignment to Ease God’s Order rather than Edging God Out.

Do you know what I mean?

Someone asked me how did I get to be where I am?

The simple answer is I learned to speak to the unspeakable, face my fears, and bless every moment that I didn’t want or that didn’t give me what I thought I wanted. I had to bless my past to make way for a new me.

I think about the doors that didn’t open, the opportunities that passed me by, the mistakes I made, even the endings of friendships that had to happen to continue the journey- all of these moments and experiences, painful at the time are essential to where I am now.

I have learned that every time something doesn’t work out it is always for my highest good. There is always a blessing and an opportunity to practice serenity and to bless that painful thing. Bless it and mean it.

Accountability is work. It’s easier to be a victim complaining and blaming. I have done that. I have played the victim violin and it’s ugly music. Today I know without a doubt if I do that again or for very long I will rob my future self of potential even more so than hurt myself and others in the now.

Blessing the past, all the shit that stinks in our memories, in our outrage, in our need to be right, loving what is exactly as it is- facing it squarely without reproach sets you free.

This is liberation – blessing the past, saying good- bye to our familiar wounds, and stories opens up a portal of pure potential.

This is “blissing” the future- letting it be now a beautiful piece of art in progress! Revelling in partnership with Source and watching miracles unfold as you step into your co-creative power. You may not know what it will look like- heaven knows I sure had other plans, and thank goodness they were withheld from me!!

Who could we become if we let go our resentments and projections, agendas and comparisons etc. “ Some of us hold on to our old ideas and the result was nil until we let go absolutely”

(quote from AA). This is so true.

Bless your past and you will truly send bliss to weave into your future. If you can’t then be willing to do it and if you can’t do that be willing to be willing.

You will not recognize yourself .. and that is amazing.

Off I go.. See you next week.
All my love-

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