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Kennedy Hassett Braden is founder and creator of The Evolutionary Heart,a licensed coach/ associate of HeartMath Institute, Emissary of Nassim Haramein’s Resonance Science Foundation and Academy (Unified Physics and Connected Universe) , Peace Ambassador /consultant peace projects including Nobel Peace nominee Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish ,involved from ...inception with the Global Coherence Initiative.Kennedy lead Savannah International City of Peace mission/vision. She is an advisor for Heroes for Humanity and founding board member for Circle for Original Thinking. Kennedy has been called a PhD of the heart and believes we are all visionaries, masters and contributors to this massive turning point on the planet, all  needed as we rise together. Kennedy has traveled the world sharing the science of the heart and physics of connection, Cosmology Biology Resonance and Infinity Practices and direct experientials including FlightWave, movement practices and frequency infusions, poetry and art. She has studied with shaman and visionaries from Peru, Ecuador and Tibet. More

A Luminous Gift For You: Poetic Practice

heartwave A Luminous Gift For You: Poetic Practice
In the open hearted spirit of this season of beauty in the darkness and celestial light, may your light shine brightly, each step of your life be illuminated, your soul fly freely and your presence deepen...merry, happy, holy in deepwave gratitude for your courage and grace and the immense gift you are to all.
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Sonic infusion (audio)


In Unified Physics we are a part of a grand and Infinite Continuum from the very tiny to the extremely large with everything connected, indeed a Connected Universe proven now in the equations of Nassim Haramein. As human beings, we fall right in the middle of this Continuum as the center point of connection able to imprint and influence the entirety, yes entirety of the Universe. This above perhaps all other "superpowers" within us is the most mystical ,magical and auspicious with much responsibility.

How will we see, use and ultimately harness this beautiful grace and influence?

In this sonic infusion Kennedy gently traverses the footprints we and all of Creation make in the Space Memory Network.

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Essential Communion: Inner and Outer Technology

We are in a time of collective consciousness trying to preserve separation and polarity as the truth. Simultaneously we are uncovering the structure and dynamics of union, of both/and, of the inner technologies of the 7 layer liquid crystal oscillator which is our heart and the match of outer ARK crystal and other technologies. This communion is ancient, ongoing and infinite.

At this time in our conscious evolution and spiritual/physical/Cosmic alchemy, we stand on the event horizon of Truth, mystery and deep fusion of great possibility that is embedded within our cellular and DNA already. There is no striving or manifesting of such for it is who we are and part of us inextricably. 
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HeartWaves Across the Planet: HeartWaves Meditation

In this aftermath of hurricanes, floods, mass shootings, and general global upheaval, we know that we are on the event horizon of massive shifts, of planetary infusions of the next evolutionary level. At this time I am offering here a very deep and powerful direct experience based in Unified Physics and science of the heart. This is to help us remember and embody our deepest heart, our infinite connection and our power to change Universes both internal and external. Come often to this experience of communion and influence as we walk together...
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A Visionary Heart: Resonance to Radiance

A Visionary Heart: Resonance to Radiance

We are in a time like no other. We hear this from many pundits, teachers, internal and external. Somewhere within Collective Consciousness we know that it is a time familiar yet unknown, what we have waited for yet pulled back from, the greatest opening of the heart and darkest moments of humankind. We stand in 2 worlds. One world is what we have been acquainted with deeply within the context of space time, very much “3D” as we say. The other world is within our consciousness yet sometimes out of reach in the everyday, in some ways beyond our conditioned concepts of space time. We are experiencing this shift as we are co-creating it. We see the play out of old patterns of belief and separation while birthing the vibrational codes of Unity, Oneness and a New World. We also feel the falling away of structures, personal and social, at once with fear and delight!

Steady ground

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Riding the Waves of Change

Riding the Waves of Change
Kennedy shares with us how to ride the waves of change by creating and becoming the wave and ultimately being our own signature wave to the planet.
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30 Simple Ways to Create Balance and Connection

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