Be a Badass Spiritual Manifester.


Years ago when I first got introduced to the notion that my thoughts and emotions created my reality I couldn’t get over the simplicity of the concept.  Then I wondered, why was this not taught in school?! It was when I read a book by Florence Scovel Shinn called “The Game of Life and How to Play It” that the light bulb went on with an almost blinding light of recognition. Once this wisdom opened my eyes wide, I then gobbled up every book I could get my hands on, my favorites by Ernest Holmes, James Allen, then Catherine Ponder. This led me to A Course In Miracles and then Louise Hay.

It’s no surprise I ended up a Hay House author, given I ate slept and breathed this subject of manifestation and our role in it all.  I also recognized the spiritual solution to life, and how everything worked so differently than perception allowed.

That is, of course, the big fat dilemma and why I say you really need to learn how to be badass about it! You need so much courage and conviction to make this work because everything in our world suggests otherwise. Our five senses trick us into believing we’re separate from each other and from the world we perceive. We experience time as something other than the truth of what it is too, trapping ourselves into believing in a linear life disconnected from our true power- which is that we are always tapped into Source- the energy of the universe from which we were made.

The universe is alive and conscious and is in everything, animating all of life that we see and even more of what we cannot ever possibly see or know intellectually.  If we go deep inside where logic has no place we will connect to that knowing, that still small voice, that says yes we are partners in this universe and it’s up to us to co-create it!

The evidence that we are miracle makers is everywhere but so is the limitation imposed on us in the way we’re made. Every day we wake up we face  the challenge to surrender to the illusion of being separate and powerless while at the same time, if we’re courageous enough to trust in another way to live, we can tap into the magic and the miracles that abound in this world if we learn to discipline our minds, and tune our hearts to a higher note committing to the universe even when conditions temporarily show us something very different.

If you believe it first, then you will eventually see it in the outer world. Being a badass spiritual manifester means you need to say no to the world you see now, and yes to the one you can’t see yet. Crazy as it seems, it works! You may not have a clue the what form your desires will take, and its actually much better if you let that be in the universe’s hands. However, you sure can know how you want to feel. If you practice that daily, owning it with every fiber of your being, some days just “acting as if”, you will be shocked at how quickly the universe will respond.

The world is moving at such high speeds these days that some days I think it takes balls of steel to say no to what you don’t want, so you can say a real yes to what you do want, slowing yourself down long enough to really know yourself, and what prevents you from living your dreams.

I know you can do it. Even if you’re afraid of all the consequences that change might bring, this is why we are all here. We are emissaries of the universe- representing the Great Creative impulse, both the art, the Artist, the paint, paintbrush and the canvas. We’re stewards of this world we call home and always invited to participate in co-creation. The challenge is; can we summon the courage in spite of our fear and conditioning? I say a BIG YES! You see that’s all it takes to be a baddass spiritual manifester. That’s all we need to do it! Say yes, know why we want what we do, and let the universe dance with us.

Tell me, what do you want to say yes to? What would being a badass spiritual manifester mean to you? What secret belief would you have to give up to have that courage? I can tell you mine. I was always so afraid I was too different, too weird that I would never fit in, never be mainstream enough, never be good enough to be accepted by smart educated people, and that I would be shunned by religious people because of my spiritual views. I tried to fit in, to conform and none of it worked- ever.

It took a long time but I finally gave all that up, gave my fears to the universe found my honest and true authentic path, summoned the courage to just be myself! Believe it or not but it was not easy to make that choice because I was afraid I would somehow be punished for just being me. and look at where I am now! I can honestly say I am a full blown badass spiritual manifester! Every day I wake up grateful.

So will you join me?  Only magic and miracles await if you do ;)

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