It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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How to Dream a New Story for Your Life

How to Dream a New Story for Your Life

What negative story do you tell other people about yourself over and over? Most of the time when we repeat our “shadow narrative” we aren’t aware of it, we can’t see that the telling of it anchors the memory deeper into the universe, making it a part of your current condition.

Take a minute to really think about this.  Do you see yourself in your story as always being disappointed by people you elevate? Do you tell a story of the world as a place you need to rebel against? Perhaps you tell a story about being a victim of other people’s issues, or maybe you tell one of you overcoming obstacles, always having to do everything yourself. Help never comes. (Sigh) Or maybe you tell a story of being pushed out, isolated by others, so you can continue to live in an illusion of being a victim, and so you can enjoy vicious gossip to vent your unprocessed anger.


It’s the way we unconsciously set ourselves up to stay in a familiar pattern, rather than face the unknown. I know plenty of people who would rather blame the outside world than be accountable themselves for their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and consequent actions. I also know if we want to dream a new story for ourselves, we can do it and we can change for the better!

I am sure many of you reading this have moved beyond your worst stories, but seriously, even repeating stories like “I am so stressed all the time!”, or “I have No time for myself, I work so hard” etc. continue to perpetuate the very experiences you want to avoid! So what is our solution?

One of the aspects of my latest oracle card deck, The Mystical Shaman, is to help you stay on track with the New Story of you- the one you dream into being, the one that takes you from powerless victim to strength and grace; from angry gossip to good friend; from insecure to full, safe and trusting in well-being; from feeling silenced to being able to listen deeply, and share, and be heard. You can dream a new dream and tell a story of moving from poverty to prosperity. You just need to want it more than telling the old story. Working with the deck and asking the right questions, will create a basis for a new foundation for your life, so you can trust in your new story.

Alberto Villoldo, my partner in the deck is a medical anthropologist and expert in the Inca tradition of Shamanism. When we created the deck together, we spent a long time discussing how ancient wisdom teachings “explain how to birth reality from the invisible matrix of creation”, that all we need is courage to dream our world with awareness. Shamans have known this since the beginning of time -what modern science is only now exploring.

My expertise in oracles brought forth the idea that we can gain more clarity about what that dream could look like, how would we get to the next step, and how we could heal, and course correct if we find ourselves out of alignment- sleepwalking and storytelling, rather than story making. So this is why the Mystical Shaman was designed- to help you dream a new empowered story that you can be proud of, trust, and share with others, with grace and humility in service to the world beyond yourself.

So, as tomorrow is the official launch date of the Mystical Shaman deck, I invite you to go to my website and try the cards (for free) by asking the questions! Then come back and tell us your thoughts on your new story and the relevance of the cards you chose!

Sending you much love always and forever!


Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards - NEW 

by Coletter Baron-Reid

Legends say that before there was time, before there was language, there were the sacred symbols. The Medicine Wheel, the Curse, the Eagle, the Jaguar, and others spoke to us intimately.
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