It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Letting Go

kayaks-in-the-lake-tourists-kayaking-on-the-bay-of-kotor-near-picture-id697256938 Letting Go
About 14 years ago I was sharing an inflatable kayak with my husband. The sun was out. The river was winding thru the tall, red rock walls outside of Moab, Utah.  Really everything was perfect. The only thing outside of that moment was my attention. I was missing my children. They were visiting my ex-husband and his family.
My mind was going to the places of what if….   things out of my control. 
I noticed the water was moving faster. In the distance there were some boulders surrounded by rapids. I brought this to my husband’s attention. He was not too concerned with the churning water. I was getting more and more worried. We only needed to go farther to the right, or farther to left to avoid the biggest boulder. 
As my attention focused more intently on potential disaster, it became less likely we would avoid it. My husband remained calm. The nose of the kayak was grabbed by the whirlpool. I fell out of the kayak into the swirling water. My husband remained in the kayak and passed me by. I grabbed hold of the boulder and attempted to stand in the place I had wanted to avoid.    
I was so mad! From the shore a man yelled instructions at me.  I held tightly to the rock. He called, “let go, it will be alright”. I kept my tight grip. The rapids continued to hit me. The water splashed in my face, I could not see clearly. I refused to let go. My grip kept me in the exact place I was afraid of.

The man on the shore took some pictures of me lost in my fury.  I refused to trust and let go. Looking back; it is funny. I also realize this is exactly how life is.  When I finally became tired of the battle, I let go. The river carried me gently away from my fear. All along it was up to me to let go and trust. 

In our wonderfully responsive world we have the ability to bring rapids and boulders to life. Worrying about the worst case scenario is welcoming churning energy somewhere into our life. I was worried about my young children. They were miles away from me. My worry and stress created a perfect place for me to sit and hold onto the anger of a situation from the past. 
Another time this was so perfectly illustrated in my life involved a medical condition. My health was at stake and the answers and diagnosis were not easily found. I established myself in a spiral focusing on bad health, getting more medical tests and waiting. It was not until I let go, and decided no more tests, that wellness was found. I let go of the thing I feared most, bad results, death and dooms day. I stepped away from the medical model and found peace.  I found the deep peace that I share with others today. ​ 

Photo by Sean O. on Unsplash

Letting go of my fear is what changed my life. Releasing my fears allowed me to make a connection to the Universe, God, and Angels or whatever you want to call our higher power. It was my fear that was blocking the connection.

I know to let go of what we hold onto so tightly can be really challenging. Maybe if we recognize fear as holding onto the very thing that we are afraid of, we can let go of what we dread most. Let go and trust you will be guided to a better place. A place where peace resides. In fact, that place is within you, all you need to do is let go and trust.  

Let go of the anger for others.  Let go of the fear that circles around relationships. Let go of the feelings of powerlessness that swirl throughout your life. 
What is the boulder you are hanging on to? What is causing the rapids in your life? Are you ready to let go? 

 Imaging floating down the river, safe and the sun in your face. Your friends from many times are with you. 

Photo by Robert Wiedemann on Unsplash

Channeled Message

Allow images of peace, angelic creations, energy so lite and beautiful it lifts you to a state of awareness and understanding to a place where fear does not reside. We call your attention to an area within that holds memories of peace and protection all guaranteed to you. You are always guided, always protected.  Messages are always being shared with you. You only need to shift your awareness to resonate with love, in its entire untarnished form. 

Fear is a place we cannot reach.  It doesn’t exist.
 Look up and you will discover our light.  We call you to recognize you too carry the ability to lift others up to a state of grace and awareness.  As this universal shift occurs within and all around you, there is no fear. We trust that all is well.   We have turned the corner in the most majestic way. We trust that awareness is rising and love is available to all. Thank you for sharing your words with us.  As we guide you into higher awareness and you are becoming high vibrational beings, we call to include all. We have created a blanket of light that allows each and every being to lift their attention to awareness. Each has their own ideas and paths that will bring them to a place where peace resides. Trust there is no wrong. Our paths wind through one another creating the fabric that has woven love throughout. This is shared thru eternity. The light forms a special bond between you, us and all.  Trust and all will be revealed. In gratitude we share light energy. Allow a deep breath in, feel the vibration of peace and love, release your worries and experience the forgiveness of light.  And so it is. 
End of Channel

​I was asked to write a blog on letting go, so here it is. May we each have the strength and awareness to set ourselves free. 
Many blessings of love, light and compassion,
Freedom from your past
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