It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Staying Awake-Weaving the Dream

Staying Awake-Weaving the Dream

Just returned from the first (of many I hope) of my new annual OraclePalooza events and all I can say is WOW. You never know who will show up for these things and we were sold out! We raised $1160 dollars for the Orlando SPCA too and I even got my mediumship event called Spirit Jam to stream live on FB!

Never mind that I went bananas at Potterworld and brought home all kinds of wands, stuffed owls,t-shirts and other Harry Potter paraphernalia. Yup.. take me to Disney and Universal and I turn into a delirious child. I can’t remember having so much fun.

I have to say thinking about the event ( minus the theme park excursions) how empowering it is and how It’s so amazing to be in a room with people from all walks of life – everyone there to share one purpose- to ignite our magic within, partner with the magic already in the universe and learn what it takes to co-create an awesome life in service to others!!

So many people are realizing that in spite of outer conditions we all have the capacity to choose to face our lives, turn on our light and address the shadows we have cast head on. I don’t think I have ever been in a room with more people of like mind so focused and who are so willing to let go limiting beliefs to co-create extraordinary lives no matter what.

I know for me the more turmoil there is in the outer world the more determined I am to drop all pretense and be the me I know is true and authentic. Nothing less is required of all of us. We are all weaving the fabric of reality in partnership with the Great Weaver. The patterns we weave however can be changed and re-worked by us. We just need to decide to liberate our spirits from outmoded conditioning amp up our Light and then be relentless to avoid falling asleep at the wheel.

The truth is we all are creating our reality based on every choice we make or don’t make, being responsible or abdicating our accountability for what we see in the outer world. Awake or asleep we are going to weave our stories through the Conscious universe into the tangible world of form.

How do you know when you’re asleep? Someone asked me whether dreams were a good indicator. I say yes. Well, I know when I’m asleep my dreams have me forget who I am and I’m somehow back with my first boyfriend colluding in my own betrayal ripe for a yucky experience I can’t seem to get out of, ( don’t ask argh), or I end up at Buckingham Palace in my pyjamas at a black tie dinner drunk wearing a tiara and spilling wine on James Bond who is suitably disgusted ( I am sober 31 years ah…) I am asleep when I’m worried OMG NO ONE WILL COME to the event and oh wow this is too hard, I think crap I have no clue where I am going so I better let my fancy pants control freak out of her cage so she can run a better show. I’ll tell you what! I know how the world needs to spin honey and then bam! Flat on my ass, or swimming with the scarcity sharks or watching the jolly green giant ( in my mind) randomly step on my house while looking for a toilet. NO sense at all!

Sigh… is this the pattern I want to weave into the fabric of reality? What kind of weird bizarre story does this invite to show up in my life?

Limiting beliefs when reinforced asleep at the wheel will always show up as an experience in our lives. ( and give us crazy ass dreams). This is what Carl Jung reminded us would happen “seemingly as fate” if we don’t stay awake and address the weak threads we weave in the shadows that we hope no one will notice when the fabric of reality is revealed. OH OH there’s a hole over there!

Does that happen to you? You should say yes because it happens to all of us.

This is the work now. Can you be relentlessly authentic, be clear about your intentions and trust the mysterious process that works like magic if you keep doing the next right action? Can you choose to be liberated from the nonsense you were told about the separated universe? Can you be the one you’ve been waiting for?

Right.. Maybe you just said Hell NO pass the pie. Let somebody else do THAT! Sleeping is way easier!

Or maybe you just squeaked .. “ yes!” ( in very small print) and snuck a piece of pie hoping to stay awake a little longer.

Or maybe you yelled YES knowing the work of becoming the one you know you can be is not going to be easy but with a tribe, well not all of us will fall asleep at the same time..hmmm that could work!

No matter what you and me and everyone in the world will be weaving our dreams into the fabric of reality. The choice will be awake or asleep.

I choose awake! You?

Love you always- Colette!

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