It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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The Blame Game – How to Take your Power Back Today!

angel-with-a-violin-picture-id869171782-1 The Blame Game – How to Take your Power Back Today!


Man is this a tough one for some of us. It sure was for me.

Blame was my go to. It was my only recourse many times. “It’s not my fault or don’t blame me” were common responses when I was in “trouble” both as a child and even as an adult. I found a senses of freedom in blaming someone else… for my bad day or bad mood, my ruined event or experience… It was “easier” to blame someone for the seemingly bad things in my life…


What I didn’t know then… and what I do know now… is that when we blame others we give our power and our healing to the person or experience as well. That person we are placing the blame on now becomes the receiver of our attention and our power… and ultimately – our healing. When we say it is “their” fault, we give them all the power. As if we weren’t a part of the experience in some way. Even if it was not consciously chosen, we still direct the energy of the situation in one of two directions – victim-hood or empowerment.

I was choosing victim-hood over and over again. It was somewhat comfortable to feel as though I had no choice. No options, no power … it kept my blame game going on and on and on. It was a dance… and an ugly, unhealthy one at that.

What I finally came to realize was that as long as I kept blaming others, giving them my power, then I didn’t have to take responsibility for the pain, the struggle, the life experiences I had created. It’s funny, but not really. I spent most of my life taking responsibility for other people’s pain, emotions, trauma etc. But, when it came to my own, I wanted, needed or simply I JUST DID… Blame others. We are interesting beings, aren’t we?

So, are you ready to take your power back and stop blaming and start owning your power, your blessings, your journey as YOURS!

Are you ready to take responsibility?

Responsibility plays a key role in healing your heart. When you take responsibility for your life—your actions, beliefs, and experiences—you are halfway through the healing process. Often, when people think of responsi­bility, there is a feeling of guilt or a perception of something being wrong. Responsibility simply means to “own” your power. It means that you are willing to recognize that you are the creator of your life and that your thoughts, words, and actions manifest events and experiences in your life. You begin to see that you are not a victim of others but a powerful creator of your life.

When we take responsibility, we learn our own power. We do not give it away by blaming others. Responsibility means you are willing to release the need to project your anger and frustration onto others, because you know that, ultimately, you attract experiences into your life for a reason. Life is happening FOR YOU not TO YOU! I know that is a big statement. When you are in victim energy, it will piss you off. When you are in your powerful energy, it will feel like absolute truth! The experiences aren’t what cause you to see it differently. The experience doesn’t change… it is the way you see and feel it that changes.

Invoking Archangel Jophiel, the Angel of beauty and manifestation, is a first step in beginning to accept responsibility in your life. The energy of Jophiel will help you to see the beauty around you. He will help you recognize the gifts that are in your life at this exact moment. As you begin to see more beauty around you, your thoughts begin to change in a positive direction. When you see yourself through the eyes of beauty, you begin to manifest more beauty in your life. You will begin to see yourself as the powerful creator you are without fear, blame, or guilt. When you put responsibility in someone else’s hands, you also hand over your power to them, and you can feel powerless. But when you take responsibility, you have the power; then, and only then, can you heal anything.

When we blame… we put our ability to heal in the hands of the person we are blaming. When we instead take responsibility for our life experiences, the power to heal is in OUR HANDS!  – SDJ♥

Which do you CHOOSE?

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